Z-Wave Vision Smoke Detector

(Bob) #1

Hi you UK peeps.
I currently have a Fibaro Smoker Detector and to be honest, I don’t trust it.
My ‘manual’ one in the hall went off today while the Fibaro one in the kitchen did nothing. Tested it by setting some paper alight and blowing it out so it smoked like hell and it took around 2 minutes for the sensor to go into alert mode.
The temp has stopped reporting and when I look in the recently tab it is empty.

So, I’m on the look out for something that the peeps in the UK are using that you have confidence in.
I spotted this on the Vesternet site and wondered if anyone else out there had one of these and got it to work OK.
Any advice gratefully received and here is the one I spotted.

Z-Wave Vision Smoke Detector

(Andy) #2

The temp reporting is down to SmartThings and they don’t appear to be doing much about it.

(Bob) #3

TBH I’m glad I still kept my old smoke detector and didn’t replace them all.
I just want a good honest smoke (and carbon monoxide) sensor that works with ST.
I have lost all confidence with my Fibaro one.
From other threads it would appear that this integrated device (with ST) no longer works as it should.


Wow, was just about to buy several of these as they are on the supported devices list and are available in the app.

They are supported but do not work !

Is anyone actually taking this seriously ?

(Bob) #5

Yesterday I thought I would exclude the device and delete it.
I then re-associated it to the hub.
It reported temp and when I tested it, it reported that it had been tested.
It has done absolutely nothing since then.
It used to work fine.

(Paul Ockenden) #6

I would never trust something as important as smoke detection to a connected device. As a primary alarm I want a good, loud, old-fashioned smoke alarm.

I guess it’s OK to have a connected one running in parallel, but the lives of my family are too important to be left to a device that might possibly fail to trigger for whatever reason.

(Robin) #7

It’s the temperature reporting that apparently doesn’t work with ST, not the important part, the smoke / rapid heat increase triggering an alarm. This feature, though useful, is not safety critical.

I don’t own a Fibaro Smoke detector (I use and love my Nest Protect) but I can see from the Fibaro manual that parameter 1 adjusts the smoke sensitivity, defaulting to ‘Medium’.

Does the ST DTH allow you to change this parameter? If not, you could use the Zwave tweaker DTH to make the change.

In addition, these modern smoke detectors use intelligence to help avoid false alarms, a bit of smouldering paper, even with a decent amount of smoke, won’t always set the alarm off straight away, a real fire would.

(Bob) #8

This has now started to report temperature.
Not sure what happened.