ST and Arlo Pro Automation

So ST is set to Arm when everyone leaves and Disarms when someone comes home.
I can’t get Arlo Pro to play along.

I want the Arlo Pro to Arm with ST and Disarm when someone comes home.
I do want it to arm during late night and sleeping hours.

When no one is present, I would like the siren to go off when motion is detected. But it seems like the only option is for it to go off detecting motion all the time. Would also be nice not to get a notification if I decide to stay up late. Should I start separate automation routines for Arlo? Is that how this is supposed to work? I guess that automatically Arms and Disarms the cameras.

The main thing is the siren now. It would trigger the siren during sleep and at home since the siren settings are Arlo side.

Also would like to record on door sensors.
I can get it to turn on the camera on open or close. But there is a delay between turning it on and detecting motion to record.

The only thing I was able to get working was ST turns off the Arlo cameras when someone comes home. When everyone leaves, it turns on the cameras. Once it’s night time, the cameras turn back on, but the notifications come back around on every movement. When I say on and off, I mean ST turns the camera on and off. Any suggestions?

I have ST turn on the cameras when I leave and at night, and turn off during the day if we’re home. This seems to work fine. On your phone, you need to turn off notifications for the Arlo app. Then motion notifications will be sent to the ST app only.

I recommend you change the default SmartThings app to record on motion. This will let Arlo control recording, not ST. Lag time between motion and recording will be only a few seconds. If you let ST start the recording, lag time can be 10 or more seconds.

So set the Arlo App to record or ST App to record?

Set Arlo app to record.