Arlo Pro and ST - 1 camera always on 1 camera on SHM enable

(gb) #1

I think I know the answer on this but reaching out to the community to confirm.

I have 2 Arlo Pro cameras:

  1. Outdoor - I want it on all the time with motion activation and storage to cloud. (regardless of alarm status)
  2. Indoor - I want this only activated when SHM is active/enabled for alarm and either a motion sensor or door sensor is activated.

For 2 I am struggling to figure out how to tie in/enable with my ST away or home alarm mode. The camera is added to ST and recording should start when alarm is active. I have the camera to Select Cameras on the configure intrusion alarm notifications under the SHM script.

What should camera 2 status be when NOT armed? What should it be when armed? If I leave the status ACTIVE all the time, it continues to motion activate.

Thanks in advance.

(Jay S) #2

You need to disarm it in the arlo app. It will show as active in your things but will not record until a trigger

(Tom) #3

I have a similar setup. I created a SmartThings rule in the mode section of the Arlo app. Then I created a rule for each camera to record when motion is detected. I have four cameras (3 outdoor & 1 indoor) always on and recording when motion is detected. The indoor camera is setup to only record when no one is home via smartthings. The way to accomplish this is simple, After you setup the SmartThings mode in the Arlo app, I edited the GoodBye! and I’m Home rules in SmartThings to control the indoor camera using the “Everyone Leaves” and “Someone Arrives”. This only works if you add your mobile phones to your “things” and use the presnet sensing capability. Works perfectly for me. I don’t use the Smart Home Monitor, but the rules in the automation section of SmartThings.

I hope this helps

(gb) #4

Thanks both. I am focused on outdoor at the moment and I may fall back to simply using Arlo’s manager:

  1. I want to record any actions in my front yard. I am trying to position to avoid random cars going by. Anyone crossing a threshold would activate and record.

  2. What I don’t want is the UPS dude, setting off my motion and ST alarm while away. But, I do want him recorded.

One problem I have found: For some strange reason, only my indoor camera is recording to Arlo cloud when I activate motion on my outdoor camera. Both camera are set to ST control under Arlo mode tab. I have no idea if the outdoor is recording to the ST beta location or something else is wrong. But, I want both videos captured simultaneously if I stick with ST alarm.