Arlo Pro delay when integrated to ST

I have been playing around all week with a 4 camera Arlo Pro system. Overall I like it, but it’s not without it’s frustrations.

When I tested the system independently of SmartThings I found the camera response times to be acceptable. For example, deliveries to the front door actually captured the face of the person which was what it should have done. After integrating into SmartThings and creating rules in SHM to record on motion, the same camera now just shows footprints in the snow.

It would seem the Cloud-Cloud communications are causing even more delays.

People have said that they can create rules in the Arlo App but when I try, I cannot create a motion rule to record on the same camera as that which reports the motion. I can in other Arlo modes, just not SmartThings. The integration is almost where is should be, but issues remain.

Also, the PIR sensors are way too sensitive. I’ve had to dial back motion significantly to avoid false triggers. It’s a problem I did not have with the PIR sensors on the older Lowes Iris cameras.

Anyone using these care to share their experiences?

Searching Arlo Pro brings up a couple of threads that may prove helpful.

I’m seeing the same issues. The notifications are pretty quick but the recording delay is there and very frustrating even when the sensitivity is set to 100. I’ll try and test it out by removing the ST integration to see if the recording turns on quicker, like it should.

Let me know if you have any fixes!

What I’m doing right now to get around this is having all motion-based recording triggered within the Arlo system and using the switch capabilities in ST to determine when. Other events like smoke/security alarm recordings are still triggered inside ST.

It’s the closest to perfection that I was able to achieve. I would prefer all rules to be managed inside ST but I doubt the lag will ever be overcome.

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I don’t have the Arlo Pros, just the first gen wire free cameras, but they also suffer from excessive delay when configured to trigger video through ST. I also was unable to get video clips to record consistently when triggered from ST, so I’ve reverted to having Arlo manage all of my recording, which means I no longer use the SmartThings mode for the base-station cameras. I also found some strange behavior of the SmartThings mode on Arlo; for example, the rules were set up for motion on one camera to trigger recording on a different camera, for some reason. And when I edited the rules so motion and recording were linked to the same device, I’d find that it reverted back to the wrong configuration. Not sure what’s controlling how those rules are configured, but it didn’t seem right to me.

I guess for now, have Arlo manage the recording will have to suffice as I don’t want to miss recording the thing that triggered the event in the first place, which is what was happening.

I’m having the same delay issue when using ST to trigger recordings. When recordings are triggered within Arlo app, they are pretty much instantaneous. Has anyone figured out how to get around this? I have 3 cameras I expect to behave differently depending on ST mode, so Arlo modes don’t seem to be sufficient for my complicated logic.