Arlo Wireless Integration

I just picked up a 3 pack of Arlo camera’s. Initially got them installed and did the integration to ST. I can go and look at the cameras through ST. I am really confused about how to create automations for them. What I want to do is pretty simple:

  1. Be able to Arm them through ST when I leave so that they record on Motion sensed. I do not use presence sensors so I want to be able to “turn a switch” in ST. In this state I want them to record at any time of day until I return and again “turn a switch” to disable recording on motion.
  2. Have the cameras Arm and record on motion alerts each day based on a time period, e.g. midnight to 5am

Can someone direct me in how to setup this type of automation ?

They are running and recording on motion currently through the Arlo.

Arlopilot + webcore can accomplish this

Under the Marketplace tab

  • select Cameras
  • add your Arlo system.

Edit you routine - Good Night! to be configured at a certain time (midnight as you stated).

Under the Automation tab

  • SmartApps
  • add a smart app.
  • lights & Switches
  • Select Smart Lights

Configure what cameras you want to control.

  • what do you want to do?
  • Select - Turn on
  • How do you want to trigger the action?
  • Select - Night

That should do what you’re asking for. Hope this helps.

Thanks ! Does this actually turn the Cameras on and off ? I really want the cameras to be off when not in use to conserve battery power. Once I am ready I want them to turn on and “arm” to record on motion.


sorry for the delayed response. Yes, this will turn you camaras off.