ST 2 and Tapo L510

Hello guys,
I am new to Smartthings, I’ve just bought a v2 hub and started to play with it. I have 2 smart bulbs, both TP link, one Kasa LB120 and one Tapo L510 series. They are both on the same Kasa account. I also have an Echo dot which can discover and control both lights as it should.
When I add the bulb(s) to smartthings app on the phone, it tells me to link to the Kasa account. When I do that, it only shows me the Kasa bulb, not the Tapo one. How can I add the Tapo one?
Please help me.

Tapo is a complete different product line than the Kasa and uses a completely different way of communication.

I guess, to set up the Tapo bulb you have downloaded the Tapo app and used that, and not the Kasa app.

Tapo bulbs will not work with the Kasa integration.

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Tapo was recently added to the ST app.