TP-Link Tapo app now manages Kasa devices

With the latest app release, the Tapo app is now able to manage Kasa devices:

-Binding: Add and bind Kasa devices in the Tapo app.
-Control: Check and control Kasa devices on the Home page of the Tapo app.
-Interconnectivity: Add Kasa devices in the Tapo Smart to enjoy automated control of both your Tapo and Kasa devices.


But unfortunately you still need both linked services (TAPO & KASA) running in SMARTTHINGS to manage KASA and TAPO devices. Unfortunately these linked services are very flakey and I find I have to keep running diagnostics to put devices back online. Last week ALL my TAPO and KASA devices were unresponsive and I had to unlink and relink both linked services to get devices responsive (although they showed online) . A real pain because now it means I have to completely rebuild my ACTIONTILES panels because SMARTTHINGS gives them new identities.

If you have a Smartthings hub the following Edge Driver should solve your Kasa problems. But it don’t work with Tapo devices.

Hi Paul, i tried it previously after your recommendation , but it didn’t support my 4 way strips , it may do now . I also finished up with duplicate devices . I’d prefer the kosher s/w to work properly.

You want to try the Beta version