TP Link Kasa devices will not show in Smartthings

Hi All,
I have recently connected my Kasa account to Smartthings and no device will show. I have 5 KE100 Smart Radiator Valves and 1 KH100 Hub which work perfectly in Kasa but in order to use Smartthings to its potential for my setup i need to see these devices. Any comments welcome !


Sadly, these are not yet part of the official integration. :disappointed_relieved:

SmartThings Integrations are created and maintained by the device manufacturers, so you would need to ask TP-Link Kasa support when/if they plan to add those models. :thinking:

Thanks for the reply and the advice - whats strange is the KH100 is supported via the Tapo app, Kasa/Tapo recent integration, but the KE100 isnt - :frowning_face:

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