Speed up new app

What affects the load time of the new app?

I have become fond of the new app, even though it took some time. But it is much slower to load up than the classic.

Will speed improve if i have fewer favorites?

Its a bandaid workaround for a poorly written UI. If you open a Room with a large number of devices it still sucks rocks slow.

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Not sure about it sucking rocks, but it is certainly slow.

Have a feeling that there have been so many additions and changes to the new app that code optimization hasn´t been slotted in yet - which seems to me to be desperately needed.

You should have seen it when it first came out. It was about 20 times slower than it is now. It was unusable, and then some updates sped it up. Hopefully they have some more in store.

What if it was like Tesla and you could unlock ludicrous mode by paying more? I might throw down a one time cost lol.

I have had luck with getting the home screen down to a managable 20 devices or so and it seems to respond much better.

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