Optimize new app performance?

The new app is hot garbage as far as open-to-usable delay. Don’t even get me started about the situation when you’re approaching or leaving WiFi signal (like driving up to the house with your WiFi coming online).

Are they and ways to optimize the new app? So far my workaround is “screwed the new app use the Google home app 100%of the time because it’s snappy and fast- BLAZING by comparison.”


Can you point me at that mention? I’m just curious to brush up on whatever’s happening with the app update grumblings… mostly because this one is so unusable I’m actively searching for other smart platforms. Like, no joke, this app is so bad that I’m willing to risk losing some of my hardware if I have to commit to Zwave or Zigbee, all just to make the f**ing pain of this atrocious app go away. Can you tell I hate it?


I think you hate it! Lol

You’re not alone. It’s atrocious.


I thought it was me. The latency when opening up the app and waiting for your devices to I guess sync is some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Hoping an update is coming soon.

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Not much to add to that really, I’m using an s10 and although it is better now than in the past it definitely is not as fast as the old classic app, we have been waiting over 2 years for many improvements, speed being just one

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It’s unbearable for me if I’m trying to actually control something. I’m on an iPhone 6S Plus and the App takes at least two minutes before I can click into a device. Even when I finally get into a device, most of the time, I’ve forgotten what I needed because of frustration so I just close it out and hope and prayer that it’ll get better. :man_facepalming:t5:


I’m using flagship devices and I’m quite sure this is entirely app architecture problems that are correctable (this has nothing to do with hardware performance or platform: I use both Android and iOS).

Here’s a list of all the things I’m noticing, in no particular order

  1. The app needs to re-sync something every time it opens (no caching?)
  2. the sync entirely breaks (app must be killed and refreshed, it will never recover) if any sort of wifi issue happens (poor wifi service, leaving a stable network, or having no wifi but walking into a zone where the device has great signal)
  3. the sync is mind-numbingly tiered, meaning some details sync (basic device names) but even then they should not be interacted with yet… the icon and device status is delayed a bit… don’t you press that button too soon, though, as you might confused the app and lock it up!
  4. There seems to be some stupid interconnectivity between device viewpane and sync, meaning devices “below the fold” don’t begin to sync until they scoll into view, which is ridiculous. Sync everything right away: even with a few hundred devices on mobile (which is more than almost anyone should have) this is a trivial payload.
  5. There’s some sort of spinning sync icon that’s transparently overlayed in the dead center of the screen. I think that’s an accident and it creates some weird visual artifacts.
  6. Some devices that appear to be fully synced still cannot be clicked on (to get to the individual device status page). “Cant’ connect to device. Check device and try again.” This seems more prevalent for custom DTH’s… but I’m not sure.
  7. Here’s an insane issue: one a device has fully synced from the main location page clicking to it’s individual page needs another sync… COME ON guys, don’t you already have everything you need?

I’m using a phone with a Snapdragon 730 which is no slouch and this app runs extremely slow, just as slow as all the cloud based actions do. All other apps load instant including Google’s own smart home service.

I’m ready to sell the whole lot…

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App performance is terrible, everything is delayed and it takes forever to load each page. I want my classic app back!

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glad to see its not just me… I kept using the old app right up until they discontinued it… couldn’t stand the new app from the first time I opened it. The biggest thing for me is the delay when opening and having all the devices resync or something… worthless.

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Ditto using Homebridge for HomeKit integration, despite having to go through the bridge.

I’m curious what you’re using Homebridge for in the context of Smart Things… I thought the whole idea for Homebridge is that it makes lots of Apple-unofficial devices available through the normal Apple Home UI. Said another way: I thought Homebridge is all about not using ST.

Homebridge is about bringing devices that don’t support HomeKit into the Apple ecosystem so that you can use Siri, HomeKit automation, Shortcuts, the multiple HomeKit apps (which these days are waaay nicer than the new ST app) etc. My home devices are either Z-wave or Zigbee, and there are currently no Apple gateways for those protocols. So, the SmartThings hub acts as the gateway. I also get the benefit of the SmartThings ecosystem, too - some smart apps are essential to my automations.

Awesome! Are you saying the new app has somehow borked your Apple based interactions- like the bridging the ST hub provides is somehow slower now (that seems unlikely to me).

I love the idea of using the STHub for its hardware and backend like Webcore then leave my UI to a company like apple that, you know, tends to do better than “complete and utter dog doodoo, aka Smart Things new app.”

I run a Synology and would bet I can get Homebridge on there

Nothing on the HomeKit side is borken as a result of the new app. I just tend to use HomeKit automation for some things and SmartThings automation for others.

There is another aspect I didn’t mention, and that is insurance against a somewhat cloudy SmartThings future. I want to start getting experience now in case ST goes further off the rails, e.g. loss of the SmartApps I rely on.

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