New app painfully slow to load device status

It takes almost a minute to load a single room with 25 devices, even on very fast wifi.

Now instead of opening the app and unlocking my door while I’m walking from the car, I have to open the app a mile away so it’s ready when I need it.

Smartthings Classic VS New App


your lock is LOUD :sunglasses:

It’s a security feature!

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100% agree

Yes, it’s terrible. Virtually unusable.

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It’s indefensible.

What happens if you move the lock to it’s own room? Looks like that “checking status” thing with a lot of devices in the room is bringing it to it’s knees.

Not an ideal solution to the slowness, but I use ActionTiles when I want quick access to things. Loads way faster than the app.

The New App is dreadfully slow. It’s actually ridiculous compared to the Classic App. It’s a complete disaster when opening it up for quick access to something. Did I mention that ST completely screwed up as offering this as a replacement to the Classic App! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Saying all that, Scenes seem to be available as soon as you open the App so maybe create a Scene to unlock the door and just use that button…

Until recently, mine was loading in about 5 seconds. Now it is 18-24 seconds, regardless of internet connection. I get a cup of coffee and then come back to check on it.

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+1 for @iridris suggestion to use a 3rd party dashboard. I use SharpTools. You can have multiple dashboards. I have a couple specifically designed for my phone, and use those more than I do the SmartThings app.


This is so very very sad. I’m watching my 140 devices and the new app is totally unusable. Takes 12 + seconds to load, while all items have the little offline cloud next to them. What a disaster. Scrolling down down down 140 devices plus to find what used to be a alphabetical list that’s much easier to use, A Third party Dashboard? Not likely going to spend months putting lipstick on this pig. At this point a third party Hub (itat) is more likely the next step.

I’ve got three smartthings houses, hundreds of devices, I’ve recommended ST to more folks than I remember and I’m now hearing the complaints and how Samsung has destroyed their own product so that it now only works if you have very simple install with less than 10items.

I would have paid monthly to not have my perfectly setup home I’ve spent literally years tweaking be completely dismantled one by one in the last 3months. Echo devices gone, echo speaks gone, rooms manager not supported in new version. Shame on you Samsung, shame. You could have done so much better. Not sure how it could have been much worse.

Why would I want to buy one more Samsung branded device, tv, etc ever again with these type of thoughtless customer decisions.


So vote with your dollar? I had these issues and more (my alarm system is a custom DTH and didn’t work at all) and I just moved to Home Assistant. Took 1 day to install and setup, and 1 more day to connect all the devices / create automations and the dashboard etc.

I did this 2 months ago and it’s way easier to use, no failures, no connectivity issues etc.

Just leave ST. They had a great idea but they ruined it. There’s no reason to waste time.

Hi I’ve seen a similar pattern and it’s forced me to look at what exactly is happening - it’s not just the IDE for me it’s also automations running so slowly e.g. turn on 12 lights using a scene you can watch as it slowly works it’s way through the list, slowly turning each one on. Now I’m not expecting instant response but crikey it’s a bit painful. To top things it appears to happen so slowly that some lights don’t complete.

Anyhow I’ve been looking at what could be causing this - I know the new automations are rubbish but can’t be just that.

I’ve been looking at the traffic that the hub is dealing with and have found that there is a huge amount of traffic being generated by 6 Z-Wave Metering switches. Constantly getting the current wattage 24/7 - I runs some preliminary tests by changing them to simple on/off Z-Wave switches and have seen a notable improvement in response from the App and my automations.

I’ll continue to monitor this, but thought it may be useful to know if you have switches like this in your setup.

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That is a common issue with metering devices. If the reporting period is too frequent it will tend to drown out some traffic. Once you start getting multiple metering devices it can get very bad.

This is about right. It takes mine about a minute from the time I open the app to be able to unlock my door. We have all spent WAY TOO MUCH MONEY on these set ups for that kind of delay.

And it’s 100% related to the app.
I took the advice of someone above and made a ActionTiles panel for a few things I use from my phone often, added a homescreen shortcut to it, and it works in seconds.

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Second here on ActionTiles ! i have switched to using this for all my smartthings interaction ( excluding google home voice control which still works well)

Actiontiles is snappy and everything is just where i want it … a great and stable product!

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Just 25 devices but taking long to load? Do you any sort of custom handler or smartapp installed? I’m a novel one interested in SmartThings, planned to set up about 40 devices around my new house and the most frequent usage is viewing overall status of all devices, will it a problem?

The today’s update has made it mich faster finally! Now it works as it should.