[Integrations] Has Sonos been removed? or is it geolocked?

Heya all,

I’ve been re-looking at the idea to get a sound notification if the STHM changes status, but the speaker companion isn’t yet globally available :angry: (ST, PLEEEEASE release something else than just STHM and Find my mobile, is annoying that simple SmartApps like the speaker companion, thermostat or the custom device one aren’t there yet).

So, my question is, has Sonos been removed from integrations? Or did I just find an integration (not a SmartApp) that is geolocked (that would be a new limitation that I know of)? (I’m in New Zealand, and Sonos is sold here).


I have Sonos and the speaker companion currently running on mine in USA.

I dunno if you have it already set up, if it will appear or not on the device vendor search,

I’m guessing its geoblocked, but would really like an answer from the ST guys on this, as the Works With Smart Things™ probably is a partial lie in this case.

Hey @BarryA, as I understand you’re the local expert on Sonos,

Is it or is it not geo-locked the ability to add a Sonos device? have they been removed? (I can still see it in the IDE though).

A guy from Portugal asked exactly that in the following post, but he didn’t get an answer:
Update Required: New Sonos Integration - Devices & Integrations / Connected Things - SmartThings Community

So it’s not clear if:
A.- Is sonos geo-locked by country.
B.- If there is the ability to execute an audioClip API call without the speaker companion as it is also geolocked (trigger a specific clip on automation).


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Hi @Chares - The Sonos integration should be available globally for any hub that is running firmware version 0.27.x or higher. If the Sonos brand icon is not showing up when adding a new device in the SmartThings app, performing a “Scan Nearby” should trigger your hub to start discovering Sonos devices on your local network. If you still cannot discover your Sonos devices, send me a DM and I can help you further.

In regards to Speaker Companion, I am not aware of any geographical restrictions on that smart app, but I will have to double check on that.

In order to play audio notifications on Sonos device via the Sonos audioClip api, you can use the playTrackAndResume and playTrackAndRestore commands from the audioNotification capability referenced here. I’m am not sure why the capability is not listed in the new developer portal, I will look into that as well.


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Hey Barry,

Thanks for the answer, I haven’t tested it yet as I won’t be spending for a 200 U$D+ speaker just to get notifications (If I’m gonna buy an old used one for notifications, at least I want to be sure it will work).

I still don’t get it how DLNA speakers would appear (or if they have to be manually configured), trying to get a cheap non-assistant (no alexa/google) non-internet speaker to get verbal confirmations seems to be an odyssey. And I cant believe that JBL isn’t yet supported.

As for the speaker companion, I’ve read some comments around that it might be geolocked, but not totally sure if it actually requires a speaker first to be connected to appear or not.

Just to chime in, the new Sonos websocket integration was geolocked before. We had people from Germany and Denmark, with Samsung accounts from those countries and they were unable to add the Sonos speakers, indeed the Sonos logo was not listed in the app.

@BarryA, the capability is not listed on the portal because nobody cares about the development portal from Samsung.

I have sent an email to build@smartthings.com with the title, [SmartThings] Re: 904194 | Vid Selector - Thermostats, as none of the thermostat vids were listed and the capabilities were missing. That was back in February, 2020.

Just one more thing to add. The list of capabilities is not matching at all with the list on the SmartThings Developer page linked in the Read Me part.

I’ve noted before to support, that the list of capabilities is missing many, what are included in some of the official DHs.

First of all, the audioNotification (Sonos Websocket DH) has zero documentation available.

Other mismatch is like the Image Capture, Video Capture or Video Stream. All listed in the Vid Selector, as generic-camera-1 to 5 or generic-doorbell-2. But none of them has any capability listed in the documentation.

Could you please update both the list of Capabilities and the Vid Selector to contain all, already available/supported/live/proposed capabilities?

I’ve got an answer from Fabiola Vega (@Fabiola):

Thank you for contacting SmartThings Developer Support.

Thank you for all your comments, I’m passing all of them to our documentation team, it may take a while to have everything properly documented but we are definitely moving forward with the documentation. Thank in advance for all your patience and comprehension.

Kindest Regards,
SmartThings Developer Support

Nothing has changed since that. It feels like the documentation team is like the support team at ST. Everyone knows that it exists, but nobody knows what are they doing, because there is zero result of it.

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I’m so irritated. I’m in South Africa. I had sonos integrated with SmartThings. But i moved to a new apartment and had to setup my smarthome all over. Sonos doesn’t appear as an option on the st app. Only bose shows as an option.

What the ST is going on?

Sonos seems that it was always US locked, but you might try a search for device ('scan nerby" in add a device), as it might be LAN discoverable by the hub.

It wasn’t, it is available in the UK as well. I mean, it is available if you have a Samsung account with the UK as your country registered. But you need a Hub as well.

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