Sousanator's McLighting HTTP API issues after update

First off, i cant say how much i appreciate your integration of McLighting into Smartthings. Im using an esp8622 to drive addressable light strips for christmas lights around the house. And to use Smartthings to control them has been awesome. (Alexa… Turn on the christmas lights)
But since ST did their little software upgrade, ive been using the newer app. The problem is that the Buttons for the preset modes dont show up. eg. Fade. or Twinkle. Also the Speed button and other controls are now missing.
Theres just the Color Control circle and the Dimmer.
Has anyone else encountered this? Is there any plans for an update?
Once again, huge thanx for the code.

Thank you for the kind words. This is one of the reasons I haven’t migrated to the new app. A lot of my custom device handlers don’t fully work and the new API is a little more tedious to integrate with and less feature rich.

Honestly with the recent forcing Smartthings has been doing (discontinuing the old app, no choice of selecting Google Home devices) I’m looking for alternatives and won’t be migrating myself. I just can’t stand behind a company that breaks user automations in the middle of the night, even for things that have been working for years.

If someone else wants to take it on I’d be happy for them


I totally understand. And I can’t blame you at all. Infact, I’m looking at alternatives to ST too. A lot of my homes sensors are based of the ESP micro controllers and I’m finding the new update isnt working so well.