Added new hue bulbs now ST see and can control them but i cant add any of them to any smartapp

I am having a weird problem with hue and smartthings. I just added a few hue bulbs, they paired with hue no problem. at first i had tons of trouble getting ST to see the new bulbs. eventually, it did, but it saw an entirely new hue bridge, so it brought in everything on the bridge - the new ones and then doubled up what i already had.

then to top it off, the bulbs on what ST sees as the new bridge are available in ST to control from the app, but i cant see any of them in ANY of my smartapps. ive signed out and back into the app, even tried across multiple devices. ST sees the new bulbs, but i cant include them in ANY automations.

any ideas? anyone seen this before? the only thing ive seen that should work is to delete the bridge from st and add it back. thats okay i guess as a last resort but rebuilding the automations i already had will be a pain that i would love to avoid.

Hi Mike:

Taking a look at your account it definitely looks like a duplicate Hue bridge and bulbs were added to your hub. Did you at one perform a Hue bridge migration recently? Perhaps from a v1 Hue bridge to a v2? What can happen in this case is that when the hub does a discovery for Hue devices, it will see the new Hue bridge as a new device since the MAC address for the bridge has changed (we use the MAC as a unique identifier for LAN devices, which is represented by the DNI). I see that both Hue bridges on your account have different DNI’s (MAC’s).

With your permission, I can go through and update your original Hue bridge and bulbs devices with the correct MAC address, then remove the newly added bridge and bulbs. This way you shouldn’t lose any automations.


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Thanks for the quick response! The only hue changes I’ve made are adding some bulbs. Im good with you making those changes. Will that bring the new bulbs in and associate them with the correct hue Bridge in ST?

Ok you should be g2g. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to pull the new bulbs in that you had just added since they were child devices of the duplicate Hue bridge. But if you go into the app again and re-add the bulbs they should pop right back under the correct Hue bridge device. Hub logs are looking good. If you have any issues controlling your Hue devices through SmartThings, let me know.


it looks like it might have done the same thing. i went to add a thing, all of the bulbs came up, but so did a hue bridge. I saved, then went to my smart apps but still cant see any of the new bulbs to add to any automations.

Mike, sorry about the continued Hue issues. Sent you a DM with more info.