Philips Illuminate Christmas Lights and SmartThings?

I realize it’s not even Halloween yet, but I searched last year and periodically ever since and I haven’t found any info on whether or not the Philips Illuminate Christmas WiFi lights will work with anything other than their app. I don’t know if they have their protocol documented such that it could be made to work with SmartThings or not. Just curious if anyone else has tried to get them to work.



I just saw these lights, I currently have the light show AppLights that use bluetooth, but being able to use wifi is even better.

Has any one here figured out if there is a API or captured a packet? Now that SmartThings can make URL calls.

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It would be very useful to be able to automate these Christmas lights via SmartThings. I just bought the Philips Illuminate variety and was sad to learn that there is no way to communicate with them via wifi. I have invested in a complete Philips Hue system with over 40+ lights; they missed a huge opportunity to expand their own system, but then again I’m sure that they want to sell more lightstrips instead…

So far, it’s not sounding promising. Hmmmn

Resurrecting this thread from two years ago. I noticed these are being sold at Target and Amazon again and the Android app was just updated last month. Anyone have any luck getting these to work with SmartThings?