Samsung Soundbar WebAPI


i have a question regarding the API compatibility of Samsung Soundbars. I have a Samsung HW-Q800A.

Is there a way to control the volume of the Soundbar via a Rest API on the local network?
More important to me would be the ability to control the „intensity“ of the Subwoofer from the soundbar. My plan is to use a Philips Hue Button, which is reprogrammed to call a URL (API) and disable the subwoofer.

It is possible via the SmartThings app, hence i would be suprised, if that was impossible to do it myself.

Help or any advise is highly appreciated!

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Have you checked the results by making queries to the SmartThings API? For example:

  • List the devices to get some details like the deviceID that is needed for other requests

  • Get the device’s capabilities status:

You just need to get a Personal Access Token and use it as authorization. This is an example using Postman:

What you can do with the device depends on the available capabilities in it, if it includes the execute, there are some commands that can help you with other actions. For example:

  • Here’s a command used in an AC device to turn on/off the screen light
  • Also, I found this thread where the integration of another model of the Samsung soundbar is discussed. There could be useful information…
    Soundbar HW-N850 Integration

Thank you nayelyz for the support.

This helped me to figure out how to reach my Soundbar via the API. However, I still struggle to find the subwoofer of my soundbar. There are no capabilities for the subwoofer when calling the deviceID of the soundbar and i cannot see it as separate device either.

I would appreciate any help you can offer regarding this topic.
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But you can find it in the app, right? Maybe in a settings menu…if so, that would be a similar case like the one of the AC’s"display light" (post).
Have you found a technical sheet for this device?

Thanks for the input!

Maybe I my approach to this problem was wrong. What I actually want to achieve is to set the „EQ Bass“ Level (which I should be able to control via the Soundbar). However, I still struggle to find the option in the capability list of my Soundbar.

I will look further into this topic, any help is still highly appreciated!!!

I think there is definitely a way that you can control the sound from another device. I recommend you watch the video on YouTube about Samsung Soundbar sync.