Api for soundbar

Hello !

I am trying to find the API command to select the sound mode on my soundbar
I already have an command list

COMMAND_POWER_ON = "{'commands': [{'component': 'main','capability': 'switch','command': 'on'}]}"
COMMAND_POWER_OFF = "{'commands': [{'component': 'main','capability': 'switch','command': 'off'}]}"
COMMAND_REFRESH = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'refresh','command': 'refresh'}]}"
COMMAND_PAUSE = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'mediaPlayback','command': 'pause'}]}"
COMMAND_MUTE = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'audioMute','command': 'mute'}]}"
COMMAND_UNMUTE = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'audioMute','command': 'unmute'}]}"
COMMAND_PLAY = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'mediaPlayback','command': 'play'}]}"
COMMAND_STOP = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'mediaPlayback','command': 'stop'}]}"
COMMAND_REWIND = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'mediaPlayback','command': 'rewind'}]}"
COMMAND_FAST_FORWARD = "{'commands':[{'component': 'main','capability': 'mediaPlayback','command': 'fastForward'}]}"

but I don’t know the name of the capability corresponding to sound mode

Hi, @thierry-rhone
Sorry for the delay, your post was flagged as potential Spam and I just approved it.

Have you checked the capabilities available for the device? You can see it in the devices list or device status in the API