Sorry, but there was an unexpected error

Do I need to say more ?

Wow the Android app is crashing all day with anything I do. What is happening to Smart Things :scream:


Same issue with iOS. At least support somehow got me going whereby at least I can open the dashboard. The errors still come up intermittently. My gut feeling is that it is happening when you add a new device or smartapp. But it’s a totally a wild guess. I added rhe new model of Aeon smart switch and I am getting the exceptions intermittently.

Same for me on my Android. It’s barely usable right now!

I have the same issue. However, it works just fine once I back out of the error message and/or exit and restart the app. It’s a little annoying, but the app does seem to work fine otherwise [Android]…

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Same issue. Hopefully support is on it.

I’m getting this error for the last 5+ days, but I don’t call it a crash of the phone app, since it seems to be a recoverable error.

For me it isn’t always recoverable. Sometimes the error can just be ignored others the app crashes and I have to restart it. The latter was happening more when I was trying to work with new smart app I was installing.


I’ve been getting this error for the past week but NOW the app is crashing. It didn’t crash, where the app closes itseif, prior to today.

For crying out loud this sounds like it’s affecting everyone yet no responses for a fix.


Well… it appears that the frequency of the error messages has increased significantly now for some reason. I’m getting the messages all the time now, and it’s getting increasingly annoying…


Same issue here. Android. Really bad in the last 12 hours. There is a note that the platform was updated 6/29.

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Hope you guys are reporting this to support. I am still able to do limited stuff with my phone but the wife phone is unusable.

what’s the point?? first of all, i’m sure it’s already been reported, and second, they frequent the boards, they’re aware of the problem and haven’t done much over the last 6 days to fix it. so yeah, report the problem to support…

As someone who has done support in a corporate environment people reporting issues helps those fixing the problem. If an issue effects everyone, but only 1 or 2 people report it. It will never become a priority because the effected user base is very small. If lots of people report it its easier to figure out what is causing the issue. IE if only users in the EU and AU are having issues but not US then you probably looking at a networking issue with the delivery network. If only 10 users are having an issue it could literally be anything. If all users are having issues its something internal to your datacenter. I am not personally having this issue, but if you want a shot of having it fixed reporting it is the way to go and help SmartThings help you.


I have reported and included this thread in the report so they should be aware of anyone that is reporting the issue on this thread.


Having worked tech support for many years, I feel pretty confident that when it comes to the statistics management uses to assign resources to fix a problem, only official support requests get counted at most companies.

The best engineers will keep an eye on the boards as well, but budget decisions don’t get made based on them.

Just my experience…

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Android Apps are capable of automatically sending a problem report to the developer or vendor upon any error and/or crash. This would give SmartThings very accurate and complete picture statistics.

Same goes for IOS, but even if the apps were supposed to be reporting the error that does not mean that reporting it as well is not helpful.

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I fully agree. But the fact is that a majority of Customers will not bother to email about non-critical problems. It takes effort and makes a small annoyance into a “task”.

The tremendous irony here is that one of the most touted benefits of the Internet of Things is automatic diagnostic reporting (from previously dumb / non-connecred devices) so that tech support can be proactive! :confounded:


IBM has been using automatic diagnostics and reporting as a feature of their servers for years… but in practice it does not work very well… if at all. I think in the IoT we are waiting for the software to catch up with the hardware… it is coming :wink:

I’m curious… Why doesn’t it work?

The concept is not rocket science. :rocket: