Sonos not resuming track

Just to chime in - I see this as well. I loved the idea of custom sonos messages to alert to mode changes or other events, like imminent arrivals. But once that custom message plays, the message file is locked and loaded in Sonos and you can’t get anything else to play without opening your Sonos app, clearing it from the queue, and setting something else to play.

This feature was one of the primary reasons I decided to give smartthings a try. I hope there will be some progress soon!

I just bought a Sonos Play:1. This was the first feature I set up as I had been wanting this output festure for the SmartThings for a long while. Unfortunately I also experience the issue where the Sonos stops at the notification track and doesn’t resume the playlist/track/whatever it previousley was playing. What a disappointment as I had been waiting for this for so long!

I am having the same issue with resuming not working. Very frustrating as this was also the reason I bought the new systems.

Same issues here - in my case sonos weather and sonos custom message cuts out after 2 seconds. We initially had a similar problem where sonos cut out while playing podcast directly from an iphone over wifi. Eventually after updates from Apple and sonos this problem disappeared. Might be in the same realm?

I’m having this issue as well

For those of you who want to use a custom message - use this app - it works great for resuming music.

After reading this I am very discouraged. I choose sonos and not Samsung multiroom because I know sonos was one of the best and supported sets of speakers. We’ll I am experiencing exactly what the first part said to the TV. Except that was a year ago!

Am I missing something, is it because I am using a bridge? I noticed people saying you don’t need a bridge anymore?

Help please.

I just bought sonos and it is working absolutely fine on the sonos app without a bridge.

As far as the smart hings app is concerned, I am having the same exact problems that everyone else has mentioned. The music does not resume, the volume has issues during the announcements, some announcements cut off in the middle of their recording, and not one of my Sonos players is actually able to turn on or off via the ST app.

For whatever reason, I cannot even find my stations to play when a specific action happens. The app only wants me to choose a music track.

It is rather disheartening to see that people were having the same exact problems 1 year ago. Especially since the only reason I got this system was because it could connect to Sonos. In light of this, I am going to return all of my smart things products and just wait until they fix these issues before I repurchase anything that has to do with smart things. By the time any of these issues are fixed, smartthings will have come up with better products and what I am currently dealing with will be outdated.

Also, keep in mind that the smart home is still in its infancy stage. Apple is launching a new system as well as Google. There is still no clear front runner. I would rather return this dysfunctional app and buy something that both works and is going to be supported in the future. We don’t even know if smart things will be around five years from now. Some of the other home systems that were popular a few years ago are irrelevant today. And considering that the basic bugs have not even been addressed yet in a year I am skeptical that smart things will be the platform that dominates the smart home system. And if for whatever reason it is, by the time this is widely acknowledged, their products should work as promised.

I have the same issue…

I have an issue whereby it will not let me choose a track to play on alert. Trying the "Mood Music’ smartapp but nothing shows (tho I do have songs in the Queue, etc. etc). How do I get a track to show up for me to select when building the rule…?

Let the song or playlist play for a bit - it should show up after that.

Thanks for the tip. Nothing. I tried everything…had the songs playing (as I wanted to be sure the queue ‘worked’ and weren’t older inaccessible songs). Never shows anything in the list at all for me despite that Sonos shows a dozen songs in queue and is actively running them…

weird, it definitely works for me.

I just added a new sonos action this way the other day. If you have a minimote try adding this app and setting a button for refresh. Then refresh while it’s playing.

Sorry - lower level user - what’s a minimote?

Now 2016, users are still experiencing the same problems with Sonos. I also purchased ST on the promise of integration with Sonos. It is now a done deal – two years since this thread started, no fixes.

Having similar issues myself.

I have a couple custom messages programed as reminders that play through SONOS (connect), but less than 50% of the time SONOS will not resume playing the music or radio station that was already on before the SONOS (connect) automation runs or it will “resume playback” of the custom message that just played, e.i. the message plays twice then nothing.
The wife yells at me every time her music stops and doesn’t resume. Seems to be an issue with radio stations playing from apps, from music playing from Spotify app to the SONOS, and music from the queue. Sometimes it will resume but more often than not it will just play the custom message twice then stop the SONOS entirely.

I have the same issue. Have not been able to fix it. Very annoying. It is what you get with Smartthings, unfortunately.

Unfortunately it doesn’t resume the previous music sonos was playing. :confounded: