Sonos not resuming TV after message plays

Not sure why but I was watching TV and my door open triggers a message. The TV sound turns off while message is playing as expected, but does not come back even though it is set to “Resume currently playing music after notification” in the smart app. HELP!

It is a bug. I suspect Sonos will have to fix it because Sonos TV (Playbar) and Inline input (Sonos 5) never resume. SmartThings and Sonos are working together on a future release. I sure hope they get this right. I’ve never gotten an acknowledgement from SmartThings that they understood the issue among others with Sonos.

Same here. I have my Sonos announce the opening of doors to let me know my toddler has opened them. But it does not resume music 99% of the time and sometimes will resume when no music was playing.


Resuming music is a subtly different bug. It doesn’t resume existing song but intermittently plays next.

When TV or Input is interrupted, it NEVER resumes TV or Input but instead stays silent or resumes next song. If it worked properly it would a be very powerful feature.

I’m wondering if anyone knows if this has been fixed or resolved. I’m thinking about getting a Sonos PLAYBAR and other speakers, but only if TV and/or music resumes. Thanks!

It is not fixed yet as I just got a Playbar a month ago and had the same issue.

Still doesn’t work. Any word on an update? This doesn’t seem like it should be that hard to fix…


I hope we here good update on this very soon…

hi , I have a Generic DLNA device, It allows resume from the last track played, like this is a generic , does not have pause , it stop the track and resume from beginning, and does not support grouping , works fine with many dlna devices and I have remove the sonos lock , fi you wan to try i will appreciate your comments.

If yu want to send messages to one or more speakers (not in sync) you can try the smart app mediarenderer events, is like sonos notify with sound , but with some additions

The problem is that Sonos doesn’t see a Line In source as a playlist or station. If Sonos would make the Line In be able to be a playlist or favorite I think this would work.