Sonos Notify with Sound - Continue Playing Music

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone has experienced that their renderers have started to continue to play music after an ST notification even without the option selected?


  • Come in from work - Play music via Samsung Multiroom App
  • Wife gets in from work - Music stopped/paused
  • Trigger sets off custom message notification of “sunset” (Option selected in smart app to not continue music after notification)
  • Speakers, start playing previous track from earlier where originally paused?

Anyone got any ideas as its driving me insane… frantically having to hunt my phone down to stop the music.

The Sonos Integration is erratic and ST has this issue queued in the “2050 Time Machine” for a fix! IMHO, the Sonos API are well documented and it is sad that ST Engineering cannot repair what should be easy fix.

I used to have my Sonos systems announce, “You have Mail” when our mailbox was opened. But that quickly became annoying when ST caused my Sonos system to randomly pause with no announcement, or play the message announcement before I decided to play the Sonos.

Needless to say, I have removed any Sonos control by ST…:rage:

According to last night’s developer meeting, SmartThings is waiting for Sonos to release their official API.

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IMHO, that weak explanation by the ST developers is code for “We are not planning on fixing what use to work before we significantly changed the ST platform and everything started to break. We can blame our Sonos integration issues on the vendor releasing new API’s for enhanced features we don’t use even now”. But note that ST Marketing still happily boasts ST Integration with Sonos…

Here is my brief response in another community thread denoting erratic issues with Sonos API and ST:

Where is this documented? Sonos does not yet have a public device control API. They are working on it though, we plan on using this when it is ready. They did not announce a “control” api until CEDIA this year in October. [quote=“beckwith, post:3, topic:30954”]
SmartThings is waiting for Sonos to release their official API.

We have selected a TTS provider and are working to integrate that. We will not wait for the new sonos API to do that. They are two separate things.

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Just so you’re all aware - I’m not actually using Sonos - I’m using 2 Samsung Shape M5 speakers. I was hoping being “Samsung” that integration should always be up to date?

I am however using the only “announcement” apps I can find. the DLNA renderer does not find the Samsung speakers on the network, so using Samsung (Connect) to get them intergrated.

Its really frustrating.

@slagle: Really?? ST is waiting for the official API’s, like regular end users or independent developers? I would have expected that Sonos and ST would have a Master Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place for early access to the upgraded API’s given the benefits from both company to have this integration.

@slagle: I was referring to the “List of Commands” (which were under the documented device capabilities) which do not perform with ANY consistently. These commands once did, because I used them in SmartApps which went berserk as many have reported in these threads.


I see that ST is still marketing Sonos Connect on the SmartThings website.

Are we anywhere with this? I am having the same issue. It seems that when a notification occurs (and speakers are grouped) it plays the notification, and then plays it again as its play list has been replaced. When only 1 speaker is being used and the url is short, it works, group the speakers (which is the whole value proposition with Sonos and it goes back to the URL overwriting the play list.)

For me this ability is key. To get a heads up that someone has entered the pool area is a huge value to my wife. To know that the garage has been open for 30 min (aka we forgot to close it) is huge. And at night when we got to bed knowing any perimeter door has been opened could give us seconds in the event of a home invasion. The alarm going off is useful, but doesn’t let me know where the intruder is.

Any ideas? Work around? Considering having a virtual switch, that when anything happens that sends a signal to the sonos, also triggers that switch which on a delay will go to my harmony and re trigger the music. I will probably shoot myself hearing the same 1st song a million times, but might be the only option.

I’m crying with you…we have several Sonos Play 5’s & Play 1’s throughout the house, as well as Sonos Subs… I was excited when I read that ST integrates with Sonos, but after two years of waiting, it is still a grade of D-.

The ST integration to Sonos is very, very crude and playing Text to Speech is very disruptive to the “Party Mode” groups, stereo left/right pairs, previous playing levels (e.g. Mute, Volume, Playback status), playlists, queues, etc.

I have decided to eliminate all but the basic “Play, Pause” controls that the Sonos Control Tile provides…

Luckily, I have developed a custom non ST means for playing Text to Speech on selected events. The program snapshots the current Sonos environment, plays the TTS message, and restores the Sonos to where it was before the TTS… Unfortunately, this set of programs is very tailored to my home network and Raspberry Pi server…

I have seen posts from ST Development that they are awaiting new API’s from Sonos, which I will be 6’ under by the time they release something workable. :rage:

Continuing the discussion from [RELEASE] Rule Machine:

Commenting to follow this thread. Just installed my Sonos Play 1 and was a little disappointed with the ST integration. Hoping for updates.

I’ve been holding my breath (now purple) for years and this seems like it is not anywhere on the horizon from what I can tell from announcements and back and forth on offical new API’s.

I have 6 Sonos systems and mainly play them in Party’Group’ Mode throughout the home. I never use anything from ST more than stop/play from SmartThings to rudimentary control them, otherwise they all get disconnected, loose the current playlist, volume level, and 5 other annoying habits. Ugh!

Luckily I am a python programmer with several RPi’s, and have developed Amazon Alexa integration code so I can voice control them with SnapShot and Restore routines. Now when a dynamic message plays, they pause briefly, allow the message, and return to where they were playing.