Sonos events stop triggering

My 85 year old grandmother recently had to put her dog down and since then she has been getting very scared at night. To help her feel safer (without having lots of monthly fees) I’ve used SmartThings and installed some motion sensors, door sensors, and some FOSCAM cameras, all of which is working perfectly. The only device I’ve had issues with is a Sonos 1.

All I am using it for is customer phrases triggered by events (motion on front porch, weather report, etc). It was really easy to hook up and everything was fine for a day, then it just stopped working. I e-mailed support about it but unfortunately they weren’t able to really help, saying they are aware there is a problem but they don’t have a solution for it yet.

I was able to uninstall and reinstall the app and it worked again for about half a day before it stopped working. How widespread is this? I see lots of posts on here with people seemingly having Sonos systems that work fine, and only one other posts that was something similar to what I’m experiencing.

I’m having issues with my Sonos either firing to early or not at all depending upon if it is set at a schedule or based upon a presence detector when i get home or not. I emailed support, so I think they are working on it but I haven’t heard back yet. I just emailed them shortly though.

ST support says Sonos issues should be taken care of. I would contact them if you are still having an issue.

I think the issue I’m having is separate from the stuff they fixed. This is the e-mail I received back from support yesterday

"Unfortunately we’ve seen this before. The behavior is consistent which makes it even harder to debug.

We’ve got a line open with some resources from Sonos directly so we can get it resolved, but for now there isn’t an immediate fix.

Sorry about that. I’ll pass your information along to our QA team and we can let you know when things have been improved."

It is good to see they are upfront with this information. I hear that Sonus changed the api recently and this caused many vendors to have issues.

Yea, I am at least pleased they were honest about it. The weird thing I just don’t see many people on here having the same issues, so I guess it isn’t that widespread?

My main issue with Sonos integration is the faulty resume playback after an ST event has triggered playback of some audio file. In my system it never resume playback of the radio/WiMP playlist and it makes it less desireable to use the Sonos as an output device.