Sonos Issues-PlayTrack()

(Micheal ) #1

Anyone having issues play tracks on their Sonos with apps like Mood Music, Talking Alarm Clock or Alexa Helper? It appears commands like PlayText() or playSoundAndTrack() works just fine…it is just playTrack() that seems to have an issue.

Let me know…

(Kurt Sanders) #2

The Sonos SmartThings integration is less than perfect. The Sonos devices communicate with each other over UPnP, so controlling the speakers is simply a matter of working with that protocol. Sonos doesn’t have an officially documented API, but are easily controlled outside of SmartThings by various programs, usually running on a Raspberry Pi or other operating systems… (Google search: Hacking Sonos).

The SmartThings API’s use a very crude means of basic speaker “play/stop/pause” integration. The API’s do not provide any reliable snapshot or restore of an existing Sonos speaker group (e.g. Party Mode) and/or an existing playlist, queue, volume level, play mode, etc.

I personally do not use any SmartThings voice commands since they are so disruptive. All my SmartThings enabled voice TTS originate from a SmartApp REST method and I use a customized SoCo python program on a RaspberryPi…

(Micheal ) #3

Yeah…that has been an issue in the past and I hope they improve the API calls.

I was really referring to just in the last couple days if something changed or it stopped working for others…