Sonos Driver Gone. How Do I Add It Back?

Troubleshooting Sonos issues and I deleted the driver. I deleted my devices and re-added but no driver is there now. How do I re-add the Sonos driver?

what driver is listed for the devices after adding back? Have you tried power cycling the hub or clear app cache?

good news… if the driver is like the stock wemo, bose or several others… they reappear within 24 hours.

Also, you didn’t mention what kind of troubleshooting you were doing, but be aware there are serious issues with the new EDGE Sonos integration. You can read more here.

No driver. I deleted the driver using the Web Interface. Now there is nothing at all for Sonos. I have rebooted the hub, removed\restarted\readded the speakers, and nothing. The ST App sees the devices but obviously can’t do anything because no driver. On the Web Console it is no longer listed as an option which is where I think I screwed up by deleting it from there.

you mentioned adding Sonos back… that the Sonos devices appear in the app… open one of them, tap 3 dots and select Driver if it appears in the list… does a driver show for the device and what is it?

There is nothing for a driver at all.

My suggestion: remove them again, power cycle the hub and then try adding them or wait 24 hours to see if the drivers show again.

Weird part is when I play something from the Sonos application you can see things playing in the ST app and it will control the speakers suddenly. But still no driver info.

Hello. I ran into the same issue after installing/uninstalling the Sonos beta driver. Now I have no driver but all 4 of my Sonos devices appear and work. Did the Sonos driver every reappear? If so, can you please share how it came back?

Yes, it showed up again the next day but things are not working right. They broke something.

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, I would agree the driver is broken.

You might want to follow this thread regarding the ongoing issues with the Sonos driver.