Adding SONOS speaker BACK into ST

I removed my sonos to troubleshoot some issues after taking it off my wired network and putting it on my wireless. After I deleted the sonos I was unable to add it back. It has been a few days. Any tips?

My two thoughts are; try rebooting the ST hub and if that does not resolve the issue, contact ST support.

Done both. Waiting 5 days now for ST support.

Scroll to the bottom under Marketplace->Smartthings lab.

Done that. Like I said I have added it before. For some reason it will not discover it again. :disappointed:.

Same here. Seems it is much different now.

@Staff_Members any help. Three emails and no reply.

Also had the same issue with Surround Sound setup (mainly playbar and Sub) Play 1s, 3 and a 5 all added back in fine.

Watching this topic to see if anyone has a solution.

I have had the same issue thing to add Sonos speakers back into ST. Watching for ideas!

Fixed it. Sold it!