Can't add Sonos as Linked Service

I can add my Sonos speakers and they display in ST but are unresponsive.
When I “Add Device/Partner Devices” and select “Sonos” it stalls at “Prepare your device”, although it will add the devices. They are not added as Personal (BTooth) devices.
If I “Favorites/Add Service” there is no visible Sonos option.

Can’t seem to get Sonos as a Linked Service even though I had done so 6 months ago. Can/does a device use a driver and a linked service or only one of them? Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

Phone: S23+

  • cloud to cloud integrations would show under Linked services.
  • devices using an Edge driver (which is on the hub) are a direct connection (does not show in Linked services)

with a hub… it would be a direct connection

The Sonos driver is forced and it precludes any option for a link. Sonos was a linked service but that option is gone. Possibly the forced (can’t delete) sonos driver was designed for the BT connection.

I can’t remember… I always had the LAN Connect DTH

@danfelix - I have had similar issues for a while and there are known issues with the Sonos driver, a fix is due next week sometime I believe. Full discussion here:

Thanks. I will wait.