Sonos doesn't log in Live logging and doesn't show status

Trying to setup a CoRE piston to turn on and play a sonos favourites but my sonos doesn’t seem to change the status in ST developer and it doesn’t log anything in the Live logging. When I look at the status under My Devices it is saying that it is stopped but it is playing. I took it out and then reconnected it but it still doesn’t show the proper status. Anybody else have this issue with Sonos? I also notice that it displays “stopped” in my iphone app but it is playing.

I am having so many problems with my whole ST system that I can’t decouple what is causing what, but I do know my Sonos stopped responding to commands from the ST app. I saw communication happening in the logs, but it was like any Sonos speaker ignores those commands. Deleted all of the devices and the smart app, reinstalled from scratch and now they are working.

I also find the the app rarely shows an accurate status of my Sonos players. Same for SmartTiles.

I’ve pretty much given up on Sonos and SmartThings integration and am looking forward to seeing what Sonos and Amazon do with the Echo.

Sorry I couldn’t help with your issue.