Sonos stopped working

Hey everyone, first time poster. I have a sonos system (2 play 1, sub, sound bar) thats hooked up to my ST hub. For the last year its been working great as speakers for notifications, but it just stopped this week. I can’t figure out why, I’ve added it and deleted it several times with no luck. The speakers work through the songs app but won’t respond to ST hub anymore. I reached out to support and they directed me here, anyone have any tips or things I should try to get this back working? Even a simple routing (turn on speakers) fail to run anymore. Thanks in advance for the help.

EDIT: Sorry but I’ve assumed you are using webCoRE. Sorry.
Mine are still working OK. 1 x play 1 and 1 x play 3.
Is everything else working OK?
Are you at the latest version of webCoRE? Version 0fe.
Have you tried a very simple piston.
Something like. (Pick a time close to real time).

Happens at 21:30.
Sonos Speaker.

Speak TEST and resume.

I’m just using the app, it’s been working fine for over a year and just stopped working. Currently it won’t control the speakers at all, even a simple routine like “start speaker” won’t turn it on or off. I’ll call Sonos and see what they say.