Echo /ST/ Sonos

I have my Sonos connected to ST. I got Alexa to find it, but all she does is turn it on. If I say, “Alexa turn Sonos off,” she does it, says ok, but the Sonos stays on. Same with volume… if I try to change it, it looks like she does it and says OK, but no change. Anyone know anything about this?

Edit: Also, the Sonos works fine through the ST app.

I’m assuming you’ve allowed the echo access to that device from within the Echo smartapp in ST?

Yes. I have Amazon Echo in my SmartApps and I have the Sonos in “My device list” along with all my lighting items. I can tell her to turn it on, but that’s it.

If the Echo sees the speaker as a switch it SHOULD work…Mine does, but there have been a few Sonos related issues within SmartThings lately. I recommend using my app to give you not only on/off control of the speaker, but volume and Next/Previous track control: [RELEASE] Alexa Helper

Thanks. I’m green at all of this, so how am I exactly installing this?

That is in the thread, albeit very long to read through. If you PM me I will send you a link to the documentation I have been writing. I would like to try it out on a ‘green’ individual to ensure it is clear and concise. If you are in no hurry I will be posting a new version (and the documentation into the unofficial wiki) probably next week.


Sounds good to me. I’m a Cisco guy and haven’t touched and coding. I just got my ST about 3 days ago and just found the web GUI today. Thanks for the help!

Removed the Sonos smartapp and reinstalled it… cleared up the problem.