Sonos is very inconsistent

I use the Sonos Connect, and have tried controlling it with SmartThings with poor results.

My SmartThings system recognizes the Sonos player, and I can connect and control it initially just fine, however if I try to re-start Sonos after it’s been paused for a great amount of time (8+ hours), nothing happens, and the Sonos/SmartThings connection seems to be broken. I can uninstall and reinstall the app, and it works fine again.

One note: I have noticed that when I open my Sonos app on my iPhone (outside of SmartThings) it usually takes a few seconds to pull up the system. I wonder if somehow it is going into a “sleep” mode?

Has anyone experienced this same thing? Any suggestions?


Anyone experience this problem as well?

The Sonos integration is in “labs” and is not fully integrated / smooth running.
Sonos is working with Amazon on a “full integration” with Alexa which would be out of the ST environment but with the “work” being done (in progress) hopeful things will shift with Sonos integration into “smart environments”

Confirmed… my 4 Sonos (Connect, and 1’s and 3) all are super flaky on automation. Voice over text is poor and other stuff as well. I actually have a Sonos 3 that does not seem to like to take any command when the 1’s do.

When I connected Sonos to my system I experienced odd behavior in ST. Since I no longer let ST control Sonos, all has worked without error for at least a year.

Ok, sounds like the Sonos/ST integration is pretty buggy. Thanks for the input

The integration is “Labs” at this stage (still). It is far from a polished smooth integration to which one could “control” Sonos.

I don’t know if you use ALEXA and Voice automation, but Sonos and Amazon is working in partnership for a Alexa/ Sonos integration, perhaps that will happen sooner rather later, although NO timeline has been provided.

For now, you can use some on / off command and the Ask Alexa App does provide some ability to set last music played.

Stay hopeful ! :slight_smile:

The most common cause for an unstable Sonos/SmartThings integration is your Sonos device(s) changing IP address. For most people, your Sonos device will be automatically obtaining an IP address to use from the DHCP service provided by your router.

Configure a DHCP reservation for your Sonos device within your router so that your Sonos always uses the same IP address and you should find you no longer need to uninstall/re-install Sonos Connect in SmartThings. The DHCP reservation basically reserves an IP address and allocates it to the Sonos device when asked, based upon the Sonos device’s MAC address. After this your Sonos device will always be on the same IP address and therefore SmartThings will always be able to find it (you may need to uninstall/re-install Sonos Connect one last time to make sure it picks up and uses the new static address).

The process to configure a DHCP reservation varies from one router to another, so you’ll need to consult your router’s manual.


This makes sense! I changed my DHCP to a static IP for Sonos.

Thanks for the suggestion

echo that… great suggestion! I will give it a try

@Chuckles - I appreciate your insight related to this problem - I am not clear how a DHCP reservation would have to do with a push notification being sent to a group under Sonos. Can you please clarify in
detail why you think a DHCP reservation would resolve this issue.

Push notification are directed to a zone player that was not selected in the smart app. Typically it is sent to the first one being the primary and have other grouped member is a subordinate.

That being said I would expect if the IP address changed, the push notification would not have arrived because the TCP datagram would have been dropped.

I am of the opinion the grouping within SONOS is architecturally flawed. This is why the whole SONOS smart things integration is challenged.

My system is very large and robust. I don’t think when the SONOS was rolled out a lot of regression testing was implemented hence the “Lab Test Beta” reported ST Mobile APP.

Btw, this fixed the problem. Thanks chuckles!!

@femwitjava the Sonos integration has basically never been finished. It is in lab and has been since the early days and i am not sure much work has been done on it since the lab release. I could be wrong but I think Lab was where they were planning to proof new integrations before making the official and now the process is very different.

I do know in my system the Sonos have individual IP addresses but are group with in the system somehow. Maybe subnet? Anyways, when I very them they show up as single unified connection on my router and only when you dig a little deeper do you see the distinct IPs

Hello Nate - I have looked as well but are very confused on the implementation. Given my network experience and working with the stock exchange I am assuming they use some kind of IGMP Multicast grouping of some kind - But of course that is a stretch. In previous threads I believe SONOS engineering is dragging their feet on this because of some kind of tree hugging. I have quite a significant investment in SONOS technology and I am rather dismayed and disappointed with their integration efforts.

@femwitjava I agree. I will say I do really like the Sonos set up and my wife loves it as well so that always goes along way. I just wish they would get back to making them play nice with other smart home things.

sonos works great for me. Mac reservations is a must.

Occasionally I will have music resume after a notification where there was no music playing before. However, that seems to only happen if I get two back to back immediate sonos notifications. Which does not happen too often.

The playing after a notifications ! I feel that is a 50 / 50 battle. If I indicate in many apps and routines, I get it right (how I want it ) about 1/2 the time and then I get music turning on about 1/2 the time when I didn’t really want it … TV is on etc.

Hate to wish years away wishing "we were there " but I WISH WE THERE … with a seamless integration. It would require quite a lot of logic to built (something like variables / CoRE) so it could determine if music was playing PRIOR to notification and then ON RESUME only if previous 30 second state was ON, who is present etc etc.

I still would just like the notifications to play on the selected within the SA that is the notify / speak is set up to.
This would make ECOSISTANT MUCH improved for me.

I may play around with some stuff …stay tuned.

Keep sharing :slight_smile:

can someone help me here: