Does Sonos No Longer Work w/SmartThings?

It’s been awhile since I tried to control my Sonos systems through the ST app, but I just tried and…nothing. Also realized that none of the other SmartApps I had working with Sonos are working either (e.g. Announce there is a Flood if moisture is detected…thankfully, I didn’t have a real leak…just put one of my sensors in some water to test).

Any suggestions, or is Sonos just broken for the time being?

Works for me. try running Connect again. If new soni (duplicate) show up then add MAC address reservations for the new ones and delete the old ones.

I have had the same experience over the weekend. I was testing the BigTalker app for a week without issue. I added some flood sensors and configured Big Talker. Message I got when the device was tripped was the I had arrived. Too funny I thought. Tested the device by hardcoding the TTS and got the same response. Also I remove my door lock and added it back successfully (failed to successfully add to ST, but appeared to have limit functionality) the lock updates were not transmitted to Sonos. Lock did add 100% successfully this time. Very happy and plus the User Lock Manager app is great. Did not have this problems previously. It seems that all new notifications are not played or there pointers are incorrect in my app. But I believe I tested and app and get missed signals again.

Thanks for the feedback. I ended up uninstalling both Sonos speaker from the ST app and then going back in an reinstalling them. Everything seems to be working fine now, including the announcements when moisture is detected.

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Good news. I will give that a shot later on. Thanks!

I kid you not guys. Last night my bedroom Sonos for some reason said “it feels like fall” tonite or today while we were watching Telly. Not sure about the last word. It was weird. I only use Sonos for real music and when doors open/close thru my custom app. No other smart app.

My wife is still spooked and thinks I was pulling a prank on her. :slight_smile:

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It was @slagle was testing the new TTS engine…


Still working on it :smile:

Sorry guys. Permanent solution inbound though.


Totally having a brain freeze. What’s the TTS Engine?

Text to speech. 20 char

Ahhhh…Got it. Thanks!

Just pay heed to what @greg mentioned earlier - use DHCP reservations to ensure your Sonos devices always end up on the same IP address. If you don’t, odds are next time you have to restart several networked attached devices (especially after a power outage) you’ll find SmartThings can’t talk to Sonos again.

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How would I do or implement DHCP reservations?

if using a (wireless) router to assign addresses, go into its management interface, typically there is a DHCP section and look for reservations. sorry, that’s vendor/model specific

FYI everyone, SONOS just announced they are opening up their API to developers specifically to allow better integration with home automation.

So now we wait.