Voice alerts / siren

I’m trying to setup a siren with my smartthings security and trying to figure out the best route to take.

I’d take a plunge on the SONOS 5 if it’s worth it. I noticed the sonos notify with sound smartapp is gone - is that now dead? The github is 2 years old now and I don’t want to spend so much just to find out it’s no longer working. Can the sonos trigger an alarm on intrusion?

If not sonos, what would you recommend? Alexa? Thanks!

There is a replacement app called Speaker Notify with Sound that is working for me and my Sonos.

Alexa has no push sound or TTS capability at present. Amazon will have to add one before ST can use it.

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I wrote a program allowing any recent Android device to serve as a siren, voice alerts and strobe. I call it LANdroid on the SmartThings hub (see discussion here) and LANnouncer (because Google wouldn’t tolerate “android” in part of a name ) in the Google Play store (don’t worry, it’s free). The web page with everything in one place is here - keybounce.com.

It can use the LAN (as with Sonos) or SMS (so you can receive slightly time-delayed - a few seconds - alerts while nowhere near home.

An Android tablet costs a lot less than a Sonos system.

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Thanks for the input guys. That android alert thing is cool but I think my nexus 7 is too pitiful.

I wonder if it could work with my Nexus Player if I left it on the same input - not sure if it requires the TV to be on though.

It likely would need to be on unless you have the Nexus Player outputting audio to another device.

Bought me one of those Cheap Kindles ($35) and paired with Alexa. Now I can use it as a speaker and use LANdroid.