Loop audio notifications in security

Hello, I am new here and have had good success setting up my smart home, but ran into an issue and wondered if I am missing something. I was trying to set up the security system. I liked the idea of having Sonos talk about the “intrusions.” The system only speaks the audio notification once, like, “kitchen door has been opened” and quits. I prefer this over a dumb alarm that does buzz but doesn’t tell me what happened. Is there a way to get the system to loop or repeat the audio message to wake me up? I looked around and I didn’t find any other message that mentions this as an issue. Thanks

What app are you using with the sonos?

I have tried big talker and the integrated security app with smart home monitor. I was hoping to use the security app since it seems organized well and won’t draw a complaint from my wife as being too complicated. I have the sonos set up an an audio player doing audio notifications with the default message. I can get it to play a bell until cancelled but not the default message. It plays the default message once and that’s it. Seemed kind of weak to me if this is supposed to enhance security. Am I the only person who feels this way?

Given the underwhelming response, I guess I am the only one that sees this as an issue. I was thinking that even for door bell applications or flood sensor that folks would want something that provided a more persistent alarm rather than alarming once and possibly missing the message.

I was hoping I could get SHM to keep saying “back door was opened”, “back door was opened”, “back door was opened,” until I cancel the alarm. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


You’re talking about the difference between a notification and a siren. You can set up a virtual switch in ST and rule in WebCore that continues to speak the notification while the switch is on based on what contact sensors are open. The siren device is a device that will continue to stay on until the issue is addressed.

Hmm. Thanks. I am not much of a ST programmer yet. I have been able to play around with uploading apps and device handlers. I was hoping there was a simple solution. I will do some searching and see if there is any easy way to set this up. I think you are right essentially that’s what I was looking for as long as “Door open = True” send notification and then check again.

There is no app that does what you’re asking as far as I know.

Thanks for confirming. That’s too bad. I am kind of surprised.

If your seat belt is disconnected, it would keep alarming until connected. Or if someone calls you, your phone rings more than once. Same for my microwave, oven, and alarm clock. Nothing else I have alarms once and assumes that’s good enough. Especially for something purportedly telling me about a security threat, I would have thought the programmers would have built something more aggressive, but I guess I am weird.