Sonoff ZBMINI Power Restore

I have installed several in-wall switches (Sonoff ZBMINI Zigbee Mini) recently and added them directly to SmartThings. Whenever there is a power outage, they turn off after power gets restored. Is there a way to restore their last states? It is strange because other Sonoff Zigbee switches (BASICZBR3) restore their last states and they are also connected directly to SmartThings. Please note that they both (ZBMINI & BASICZBR3) use same DTH “Zigbee Switch”. I have multiple Sonoff Minis (wifi version) and they have “power on state” feature in the eWeLink app. Can I do something similar for zigbee versions? Thanks for your help in advance!

There is no way to remember last state at least right now. Also why do you have so frequent power outages.

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