Sonoff mini zigbee connection lost on power failure

I was away from home for few days and there was power failure. After half of a day power came back but connection with my sonoff didn’t.
Does anyone had that kind of issue and how to restore connection?
It show offline from 4 days now.

I assume you have deleted the device and tried to pair it again and still do not work?

I don’t want to remove my devices because there’s too many automations attached to them.

I would like to avoid it

There probably is no other way around.

With ZigBee devices you can repair them with out removing them from the app. If you do that you will not lose your automations.

You may want to try cutting power to the device for a few minutes and see if it reconnects when power is restored.

How to do this?

i’ve did it but it doesn’t worked. i ve checked one device that was turned off from christmas tree and it connected without any problem but hte others not. they work manualy but not with ST

Just do add a device like you always do. But don’t delete it before you start.

You will probably not get a notification that it was added, but when you go back to the device tile you should find it working.


it went to programing mode and i can’t do anything with it. looks like button is not reacting ona nay push