Somfy Glydea 35e

Hi to everybody, i need to integrate a SOMFY Glydea 35e with SmartThing, any advice? Someone had this experience?
Thanks a lot.

Did you manage to do this?
I got the impression that the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 (FGR222) can be used to control the SOMFY GLYDEA 35E DCT curtain rail motor.
I am however unable to find a wiring diagram explaining how to hook the relay up to the motor. (It seems that the setup is complicated by the fact that the Glydea motor has a built-in controller power supply.) The motor is currently controlled with the Glydea RTS433 Remote module with remote and if possible, I would like to retain the ability to control the motor with the remote as well.
Any assistance in this regard would be much appreciated.

I managed to figure this out. (To someone who knows more about electronics and programming, it would probably have taken a few seconds.)
I can only open / close and stop my curtains, but that is all I wished for. The Stop command is sometimes a bit slow, depending on how busy the hub is, but my goal was to be able to open and close curtains via webCoRE.

The “secret” lies in this information from the Somfy documentation:

In other words, Connecting the “Close” wire (Pin 6) to the Common Ground (Pin 3), starts the Somfy motor in the closing direction. The same with “Open” (Pin 1). Connecting the “Stop” button to ground, stops the motor. There is however an alternative way in which the motor can be stopped, and that is to connect both the Open and Close wires simultaneously to Ground.
The only dry contact relay I’m aware of, is the FGS-222 from Fibaro. (I’m not sure if the RGBW controller has dry contacts, but if it does, that could also possibly be used. It appears that people are using the Fibaro Roller Shutter to control the Glydea 35, but since it does not have dry contacts as far as I know, I was unable to figure out how after many hours of searching the web.). Since the FGS-222 only has two contacts, we must use the alternative option described above to stop the motor mid-way, i.e. close both switches/contacts at the same time.
Using the FGS-222 with ############ device handler works perfectly for what we wish to accomplish. [Edit: Try this DTH instead: [RELEASE] Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Device Handler (Also Philio PAN 02/04) ]

So, I got a RJ12 cable made by our IT guys (I have not mastered the art of crimping connectors) using the pinouts in the image above and wired the relay as follows:

The rest was easy. I included the FGS222 to the hub, using @anon36505037’s DTH. (For some reason, the two child devices were not created – perhaps it is because I already have another FGS222 on my system, but it is not important – don’t think I’ll ever use the child devices.)
In the Device Settings, I set the contacts to auto close after a few milli-seconds (i.e. Parameter 3 to 0; Parameter 4 to 5 and Parameter 5 to 5) to emulate the push of a button on the remote control.
So, now, when pressing “Switch 1”, contact Q1 of the relay is closed momentarily, which sets the motor in motion and the curtains open. Same procedure to close them, using the Switch 2 button. No here comes the nice part: Pressing the main “ON/OFF” button (which controls both switches at the same time), stops the curtains mid-way during opening/closing. Otherwise, they simply open/close all the way to the positions to which the Glydea motor was programmed
Since I was on the roll, I got brave and tried to customise @anon36505037’s DTH to change the appearance of the Device in the ST app. I have no programming background, but by reading a few posts, I managed to come up with the Device looking like this in the Smart Things App:

I would have liked to change the main “On/Off” to “STOP”, but I have not been able to figure out how to do that. (I’ll appreciate any assistance in that regard.)
All one must do to control the curtains in webCoRE, is to trigger “Switch 1” of the Device to Open the Curtains and trigger “Switch 2” to Close them:


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Impressive @949BFN ! :slight_smile:

I am currently doing some research on which somfy to buy: Somfy WT or Somfy DCT. The DCT has Touch Motion - which is a big plus for me.

I am wondering if you are still happy with your setup. Does it still work as good as when you posted your solution in May?

Also, I like your GUI. I only can’t see the “On/Off” button on your printscreen.

Really looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards,


In addition, saw this one too:

It is still working as well as any Smartthings device. I have 2 sets of curtains working with this setup and I’ve not had any issues for any of them.

I was aware of this unit, but I can’t remember why I decided against it. If I’m not mistaken, I was unable to determine the Z-wave frequency of the unit. (I have an EU spec hub.)

Good to hear :slight_smile:

Did you manage to create a stop button in your GUI? Has your GUI changed since your last print screen?

Good point, the Z-wave frequency, I am also located in europe (NL)


I’m not sure why that is important to you. The switch acts as a toggle and turns itself off.

I guess I misunderstood that part. I meant the ’My’ button that is normally visable on the remote. When you press this button the curtains will stop or when the curtains are idle and you press this button, they will go to a pre set position. For example 50%. Did you manage to build these functionalities with the fibaro FGS222?


I still program the open and close positions with the MY button. The Fibaro relay just triggers the open of close action (if I remember correctly). Sorry, I often can’t remember how I accomplished things like this, especially if it took me some time to get it going. I usually forum postings for hours and don’t remember the details. And I never learn, so I don’t make detailed notes afterwards.