Curtain Integration: Somfy Glydea Zigbee Plug-In Control Module Integration

Hi guys,

I’m new to the SmartThings community and this is my greatest discovery in home automation since SmartThings Hub v2.

So I have a Somfy Glydea Zigbee Plug-In Control Module. ZIGBEE MODULE

I have managed to pair the Control Module with my SmartThings Hub via Zigbee. My device for recognized as as unknown “Thing”. I changed the device type to Zigbee Switch on the IDE panel.

I am not the best at programming, but I have modified device types and smartapps presviously with basic Github Integration.

Can you find me/guide me in creating a basic Device type to support my curtains? I currently have a Somfy Glydea 35 curtain motor. PRODUCT DATA PDF

Thanks in advance!

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Just tagging on the thread because I am facing the same problem too!

Did you manage to find a solution?

I have not solved the issue yet. Still using my device as a Zigbee Switch. I use Alexa to control the curtains most of the time by saying, “Turn On/Off Privacy”.

Has anyone found a solution for this. I’m looking at a new build in Australia and obviously can’t use the Z-Wave integration so wanted to get the Zigbee module for my Somfy blinds but i wanted to know how the integration with Smartthings was?

I have an UK STv2 hub and acquired the Somfy Z-WAVE2RTS controller in EU frequency. Pairing is painless and so far it has been detected as a dimmable light switch (duh).

Funnily it can only respond to ON (fully open) and OFF (fully close) commands.

Gonna work on some tiles to see how far I can bring this to. Wish me luck!

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I can’t find my somfy zigbee in SmartThings app. How did you manage to connect to it ? Please help

I have the same problem heeeelp!

It looks like there are only C4 drivers for the module…

For anyone looking for a solution - you can control your Glydea curtains with the Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 …here is the solution: Somfy Glydea 35e