Roller shade control with rollertrol


I am looking for some help automating a roller shade. I have been researching but cannot figure out the best solution. It seems like I would simply need a relay but the evolve lmf-20 is simple on and off.

Any help would be great. Thanks

I know people have used Somfy motorized blinds with other control setups but I’m not sure if anyone has been able to get it to work with SmartThings. I found a link below that discusses Somfy, but you also do a quick forum search.

RollerTrol uses DC motor, so your controller must be able to reverse polarity to control motor direction. You’d need two NO/NC relays or a solid state bridge to do that.

Hi! Were you able to make it worK? I would like to have my shades controlled as well. Thanks for the update!

I ended up going with a somfy shade that is controlled by IR. A send hub command is initiated and sent from the hub to my global cache IR controller which send the command to my shade.

Hi all.
I just installed a rollertrol system and it does work with Smartthings. Had zero issues with including it, etc.
However, it only goes up and down. the ‘stop’ button does not work and ‘momentary’ control doesn’t work. In other words, smartthings sends a “go all the way up” or “go all the way down” signal.

I’m doing more research to see if maybe I’m giving old info.

How did you manage the inclusion in the smartthings devices? I’ve tried powering up the motor and z wave relay control, pushing the button next to the header connector (which apparently is a z wave inclusion button) and everything else I can think of without success in getting my new rollertrol shade DC motors to pair with the hub. Any suggestions?


In smartthings can you see what the current state is, open/closed or up/down?

Does Rollertrol know the current state of the roller curtains?

unfortunately you cannot get the status from rollertrol, you would need to install a sensor to report the state.

well… it may not know the status but for my purposes (and probably a lot of people ), i don’t think it will matter. It does a full up and full down command. (i haven’t figure out how to stop it mid-roll via smarthome, though someone here did mention a solution) If the curtain is fully up, a full up command does nothing. and vice versa.

so far, it has been great for morning up/down, etc. It doesn’t matter what the state of the curtain is at the moment that sunset/sunrise happen - whatever I want will then happen (if the curtain is already up for some other reason, ie, using the switch, then - nothing happens)
Don’t know if that’s helpful or not…

sorry for super late response. did you get an answer? If not, I’ll give you my input.

I have managed to get the Rollertrol motor to pair with ST hub using the extra hardware from Rolllertrol. However, the hub recognises the motor as a Generic ZWave switch. As such it only turns completely on (motor turns one way) or off (turns the other way). I have not attached the blind to the motor and was wondering if the motor stops once the blind is fully up or down or does it continue to rotate? This may damage the motor/ blind.
Is there any other ‘thing’ which would be more suitable for ST to control the blinds?
Thank you.