Somfy / Glydea Device Handler

Appreciate if someone can point me to a Device Handler for the Somfy Glydea Curtain track

I’m using the one for the blinds and it has the open/close reversed, would be nice if it includes a icons of a curtain instead of a blind…


If it is the same as mine - Try:

Press the OPEN button on the remote control for the curtain/blind concerned…
Press, and HOLD, the MY button on the remote control until the blind moves.

Hopefully the direction associated with the command for the blind is now reversed.

Hi Arthur,

the issue is not on the remote, its the app thats reversed…

I think it is the motor that doesn’t match your expectation.
To close the curtain most people would hit the top button to close them and the bottom button to open them., whereas with a blind most would go with the up arrow being up (open) and the down arrow being down (closed).

The sequence I gave you I think should reverse (it did mine) the motor so that up button is up blind and down button is down blind for that one device. That flows through into what happens from an app.

Try the sequence, you’ve nothing to loose, following it again should reverse the direction again.