[RELEASE] Fibaro FGS-222 Double Relay Device Handler (Also Philio PAN 02/04)

Hi all,

I have yet another (the third I think) iteration on this device handler. This time I have taken [deleted] (@anon36505037) and Eric’s (@erocm1231) device handler and added Child Devices, hence you dont need to use a SmartApp any more, making it easier to have multiple devices (if you have two FGS-222’s).

Because the Philio PAN 02/04/08 models use similar commands to Fibaro FGS222, this device handler should work fine with Philio aswell, I have added one extra parameter to the config section to allow Philio configuration. If you have a Fibaro you can leave this parameter (2) blank (in fact all commands can be blank unless you want to override the detault values).

Installation is simple, all you do is install the Fibaro FGS-222 device handler (add it as code, then press save and publish). Then after discovering the device using the SmartThings app, you need to change the device handler to use the one just added. When you go into settings (top right) and exit again, it will automatically create the two child devices for each of the two relays. You are then free to rename them (or even delete one) as required.

Note, this uses an erocm1231 published child switch which is now hosted by SmartThings, hence you shouldnt need to install a child device template.


Hi guys, thank you for your work on this.

I’ve managed to setup the device handler, and each “Switch” is responding correctly…
What i do not understand however is how to name the devices, and how to expose them to something like Alexa.

When searching for devices in Alexa, using Smartthings, the Fibaro device does not show at all.

Thanks for your help,

Ahh the child devices didn’t appear until after i renamed the device for some reason.


Yes, it creates the devices after exiting from the settings menu, hence a name change would have triggered it too. Hope all is working for you now!

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I had been in the settings menu as per the instructions, but it was only until i actually made a change, did it show up.

Thanks again guys :D… Working nicely.

Do you think I can remove the first device created and just have the two child devices? it is just to have a clean things tab.

Im afraid SmartThings do not allow that, however I have the 222-device named “ZZ Location” so it stays on the bottom of my list and I do not notice it, the child devices can then have normal (non ZZ names!!).

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Ok, thanks for the answer and a very big thank you for this super device handler


This is great, thank you!

I just updated my device handler with this one and it didnt work. i can’t control the main switch, or s1 or s2… what am I missing?

What do you see in Live Logging in the dashboard when you press the buttons? Focus on getting the main device working first, and then hopefully the child devices should be easy after that.

Did you just copy and paste the code to replace the old device handler?

When i click “On” on the parent switch, nothing shows in the live log, same for child switches from within the parent switch screen or their own screens…
and yes, i just copy pasted your code…

@cjcharles it seems like the functionality of the relay is lost once the device handler has anything to do with child switches. I’m saying this cuz i just tried this handler [deleted] and i can control the relay at all.

any thoughts?..

Are you saying swapping back to Robin’s device handler and it starts working again? If thats the case then it seems something went wrong when changing the device handler… When pressing the button I would expect to see something in the logs about parsing of the commands…

Did it work before? Did the firmware on your hub update in between when you last knew it was working?

I assume the switch on the wall still works? Have you tried pressing configure? Have you filled in all of the config parameters in the settings screen? (shouldnt actually need them but just to be sure).

@cjcharles switching back to Robin’s still doesn’t work.
I used to use this as a single switch but I came across your device handler and thought of giving it a shot but still no luck. I tried every device handler for double relay but no luck… very frustrating…

And you definitely have the FGS222? The 223 and FGR222 are different. Sorry for the simple questions, I’m just trying to understand what might be different…

If you do have the right device then I would suggest removing it and readding it. The commands are sent in such a way that the buttons should trigger an action in the switch (and changing light status), irrespective of whether there is an error updating the device status in smartthings.

Do you still have some smartapps which are using the device and may be causing a problem changing the Device Handler?

@cjcharles i didn’t realize i wqs so dumb… but I was using the wrong DTH for my model… thanks for the help!
Just one more question… any idea if there’s a DTH that allows the double relay switch to run locally not through the cloud? Or any method for that matter?

Sadly, all Fibaro devices are run in the cloud. The only things which are not are Samsung branded devices currently. (afaik)

When/If Samsung allow ZWave kit to run locally then I imagine Fibaro will be one of the earlier brands to gain support. That said, even if it is Cloud connected it will still respond to switch changes locally and ZWave commands locally, so I havent noticed any problems.

I thought some security devices would still work, like smoke sensors, aeotec siren? Assuming my internet connection goes down, you’re saying fibaro relays will still trigger lights if a motion was detected by ST multi sensor?

Im far from an expert on this and this thread would be more relevant to discuss the actual device handler.

That said, devices dont necessarily stop working because your hub is offline, they just stop linking with the outside world and some other devices. E.g. a switch can always trigger a relay if it is connected locally, but a CoRE rule will not work. Also a smoke alarm will still go off and make noise when smoke is detected, and it may send a ZWave command about an alarm going off (which other devices could respond to locally), but I dont know more than that.
Finally a siren could still make noise if it heard and responded to the ZWave alarm command, though any rules you create in CoRE for example will not work.

I suggest we leave it there as I dont know any more on the topic (I do know Im not worried about a small chance of the hub being offline as my internet is reliable), plus Im sure there are tons of discussions about this! Sorry I cant help more!