Somfy blinds issue - partially closing - not opening

I have 5 bali somfy blinds, that have an interesting random issue.

I have the blinds paired using the Z-Wave Window Shade handler. I have a automation to open and close them at sunrise and sunset. Most days this works flawlessly. But maybe a couple of times a week, a random blind opens or closes a partial amount and then stops instead of opening/closing completely.

In most cases I can open the app, if it was opening close using the % amount. Then use the open command.
Other times this does not work, and whatever I try it only will open a partial amount. If I wait period of time, I can typically get the operation to work. In the app often I will see a network error listed.

This is not a new issue for me. I have had the issue for quite a few years. I have tried different device handlers, recently switching them to automations with a delay per step. I cannot figure out a rhyme or reason to it. Many days it will work flawlessly and then just randomly happen again.

Is there some extra sensitivity to internet latency with blinds? All my other switches, temp sensors, water sensors, all work great.

I appreciate the time you took to read this and any help you can provide.

Capture from graph, 2 commands went unanswered, the last one looks like it got an update from the blind.

Check the version the firmware is on those blinds. Theres a stalling problem with any below (i think) 11.4. (you can see the device firmware version in the IDE)

Your problem is going to be obtaining the FW if its indeed the case. Springs Window Fasions makes these under a bunch of names - Bali being one. The firmware has been out for ay least a year now and is shipping on new blinds but you have to get the firmware from your manufacturer.Ive not heard of anyone whos been successful of getting the FW from Bali.

People have been successful getting firmware from other manufacturers such as Somfy and Graeber

Oh wow!!! I have had these for around 3 years now. I will contact them.

Any idea on how it is installed?


You use a zstick and flash the blind motors with a firmware provided by the manufacturer. Takes approximately 5-10 minutes per blind.

Do a search for Somfy blind stall and youll turn up a ton of requests over the years.

Thank you sir