Bali blinds and ST

Hi guys

I have setup 6 Bali roller shade to be controlled by Smartthings. It works but most of the time when I trigger the shades to roll up or down as a group one random blind get stuck and only move a few inches. What’s weird is that it always work with the remotes but not when controlled from ST. I can also go to the app and control the individual blind. Any ideas whats going on?



This sounds like the Somfy pre v. 13 firmware problen

Good news, if it’s this issue, it’s a known issue.

Now the bad news.

The only vendor I know of who has a fix is ZebraBlinds. (they market Graber roller shades which are rebranded Springs Window Fashion Shades… As are Bali)

Other people with Springs, Graber and Bali blinds have had little success getting thier vendor to acknowledge the issue let alone send you the new v. 13 firmware that fixes it. And ZebraBlinds is not allowed to send random firmware to people that aren’t thier customers (to avoid bricking your shades.)

Call support for your shades and start trying to get the latest firmware.

Thanks Nathan i will give that a go



I just talked to the support and they say the blinds have the latest firmware. They claim St\T is overwhelming the blinds with commands when triggered as a group and the only way around it is to tricker them one by one.
Maybe I can configure them so that they are triggered one by one but with a single voice command?

So, the good news is your support team is partly right about the reason, bad news is - if you’re not running v.13 you’re not on the latest FW. Period.

Worse is Somfy is not telling all of the resellers about the availability of the v.13 firmware. ZebraBlinds helped Somfy resolve the issue, therefore they know about and have the firmware - but they’re not allowed to distribute to any customer who didn’t purchase from them.

So unfortunately this is going to be a tough row to hoe.

And sorry, you will not be able to work around it without the FW. You can’t control how ST sends the commands.

I can tell you for a fact my bank of 6 blinds work GREAT with the V.13 firmware. :slight_smile: