Bali Shades - Not Open/Closing


About 3 years ago I synced my 3 Bali (Springs Window Fashions) blinds to SmartThings which was connected to Google Home for voice commands. Everything worked fantastic for years without any problems. However, in the last week my blinds have suddenly failed to function properly after doing nothing to the app or devices.

The issue
Every time I’d use voice commands for the blinds, nothing happens. When I open the SmartThings app to try and open/close the shades, they move maybe 4-5% and stop. I’ve tried to set it to different percentages as well which doesn’t work either.

To confirm there wasn’t an upper/lower limit issue, I resynced my remotes to the shades to confirm the limits. Remotes worked perfectly without any issues on opening, closing or stopping the shades. After confirming the blinds and remotes worked, I resyned the shade to SmartThings hoping it would reset everything and return to working. Still didn’t work, with the same 4-5% movement issue.

I’ve googled just about everything I could to see if this issue was common and had zero luck. I was hoping someone could possibly help me out so I can get things working properly again.

Funny, as I was reading your post my shades opened. :wink:

Have you migrated to the edge drivers for these?

Are you using the open/close commands, or are you using the slider to set the level?

Are you controlling the shades individually, or as a group?