Bali Shades only opening a few inches HELP

Just added my bali shades to smart things. However the shades will only close a small %. I try to close to 100% in the app but it won’t respond or work. If I use the remote provided it will open and close 100%. Anyone else have this issue? I tried setting the upper and lower limit for the shades.

Check the firmware on the shades - if its lower than 11.4 contact Bali for a firmware upgrade. There was an issue with Springs Window Fashions (Bali, Graber, Somfy) ZWave shades with Somfy motors running firmware less than 11.3/11.4 where the motor stalls out due to the way ST sends it’s signals.

Here’s the rub. It’s going to be a fight. Bali is not known for being helpful in this case - and in most cases their support claims to not know anything about the firmware. I’ve only heard them even admit it existed once. (The community knows it exists, and I personally I updated 8 Graber shades myself two years ago for the issue - I’m running 12.x - No I don’t have the firmware files anymore I deleted them after the beta from my shades’ manufacturer.)

Other manufactures are only generally allowed to give out the firmware for their blinds because it may damage your s if its done incorrectly -they usually don’t want to take on that responsibility.

IF you are able to get the firmware, you’ll need something like a Homeseer ZStick to apply it, In the beta I was in I got a kit that included the ZStick. You will likely have to source that yourself.

So call Bali - get ready to escalate the case.

Looking at Graber shades now. Do you suspect I will still face that issue?

Most new ones (exception: the Bali ones I’ve seen on the shelves at Home Depot / Lowes / Menard’s etc. because lord knows how long they’ve been on the shelves…) come with the new firmware that doesn’t have the issue.

(I buy mine from ZebraBlinds - I know they have the new firmware on the ones they source from Springs / Graber and they helped me fix the ones I bought from them that had the issues)

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