Unreliable operation between v3 Hub and Graber/Spring Window Fashions motorized shades (Somfy Zwave Plus)

Hi all,
I have a Smartthings V3 Hub and got 9 windows of motorized shades from a local Graber dealer. These shades use a Somfy motor that is Zwave Plus. Almost everyday, I have at least 1 shade that only partially opens or closes. I’ve tried moving my hub to many different locations, but am experiencing it even when it is only 15 feet away. I’ve had the Graber dealer come out several times to check it out and they said it is out of their control and is a Smartthings issue. This issue is driving us crazy and am hoping that someone here can help.
One important data point - The Graber remote works reliably. Any info would be helpful!


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This is a known issue with the v.12 firmware on springs window fashions shades (Bali, Graber, Somfy, etc.)

Springs has an updated v.13 firmware that fixes the issue but you MUST go through the place you ordered the blinds…


Thanks for your response! How can I find out what firmware version I have?

There is a way to check in the IDE (account.smartthings.com) by looking at the device details however I’m out visiting customers today and can’t check my own…

That said, it’s not reliable because those fields are not updated except when the shades are joined to the ST ZWave network. So if your firmware got updated between the time you joined them and now then it may not be accurate.

That said… .12 was the latest shipping firmware up until VERY recently so if you’re seeing this issue you can rest assured yiu need the update. The unfortunate fact is most of the suppliers don’t know about it. @ZebraBlinds spearheaded the investigation so Zebra Blinds knows about it and is providing fixes for thier customers. If your supplier is unaware, Neal may be able to give you the info you need to get the update from your supplier.

I highly doubt most including customer service at springs are even aware of the firmware issue so it’s going to be quite hard to obtain the update through other means. I’ve been receiving more and more support requests through the forum and we’ve been receiving quite a bit of emails/tickets from people who purchased elsewhere wanting support and we’ve had to turn them away or direct them here since officially Zebra can only provide support to our customers. We also have restrictions placed on who/what/how the updates can be provided to.

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What is the method to get a firmware update? Do the motors have to be replaced or is it something vendors can do at my home?

I have been having this exact same issue. The device information I have shows the following below.

Raw Description zw:F type:1107 mfr:026E prod:5253 model:5A31 ver:11.02

Does this show that I am on version 11?

Yep. It sure does.

Finally called Spring Window Fashions to follow up. They have a developer that is going to call Smartthings to discuss the firmware. I will update this thread once I heard back. Unfortunately I still have this issue, paid over 10k for 11 motorized shades for home automation and sucks to have to manually use the control.

Thanks for the update and please keep us posted! I am still struggling with this issue and not getting any help from my local dealer.

Hi there, just wanted to check-in if you have any update on this issue? I am still experiencing the issue and have made no progress.

Can you tell me if you were able to get your firmware updates ever resolved? Thanks.

I was not able to get the new firmware and my sales rep has not been helpful in following up.

Any updates, having the same issue

I wish I had an update…

Same here. I have old and new models. It’s very annoying. I would like to update them.