Somfy blinds and zrtsi

I added a zrtsi z wave controller to smartthings and Alexa. However, it shows up as a dimmer switch so I can lower and raise the blinds by saying “turn off blind one”. But the remote allows you to stop the blind wherever you want but I can’t figure out how to get that functionality in Alexa or the mobile app of smartthings. Anyone have this working?

what is a virtual switch or how do I set that up

With zwave you only have 3 options. Closed/Open or at the Preset level (which is 50% dimmed).

You don’t need a virtual switch just change out the device handler. I use @E_Sch handler found in the above thread ( It has a layout that is probably what you are looking for.

How to install a DH – look for “USING A CUSTOM DEVICE TYPE HANDLER”

Look at Ask Alexa. You can create rules that are more natural.

Right now I can say.

“Alexa, ask smartthings to open shades halfway”

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Looks like the link doesn’t work. Can you post the code?