My Somfy-SmartThings Integration

One ZWave RTSII Is sufficient as it has 16 channels. You do need a remote to do the initial programming before you even link the ZRTSII but after that, you won’t need the remote unless for backup purposes. I used mine once to see if the issue I was having was with ST or the blinds. Make sure you get a 16 channel remote also, otherwise you can get the 5 channel remote, but then you will only have 4 channels to program the 7 blinds, so each channel would have to control 2 blinds and the last channel would control all. Wasn’t a big deal to me, so I got the 5 channel remote, even though I have 5 blinds, so one of channels is programmed for 2 blinds. Not a big deal to me since I use the all channel all the time.

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nevermind, figured out that even 1 RTS motor needs to be associated to a virtual node channel. I thought the base node was operating as channel 1. my bad. all good now.

I have 11 shades, soon to be 12, now working with SmartThings and the ZRTSI II. I also have a 5 button wall mounted control (Somfy Decoflex WireFree RTS) that I used to program 5 virtual nodes on the ZRTSI II. Since my installer setup my shades in zones using the Decoflex (the fifth zone being “All Shades”), this seemed like enough individual control for my setup. As of right now, I have no need to control shades individually; 95% of the time I want them all up, or all down.

If you are looking for current ZRTSI II programming instructions, I found them on Somfy’s website and here.

I used the standard z-wave control device type, and @Ash’s device type referenced above. I also am using the official Echo integration for control via Alexa. The controls are a bit backwards. “Turn on shades” causes them to go up, and “turn off shades” causes them to go down. To get around this, I created a group in Echo called “windows.” Now when I say, “Alexa, turn on the windows,” the shades raise. Still not perfect, but it is at least a little more logical and (for now at least) has achieved decent WAF. If anyone has any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

SmartThings requires ON and OFF controls, so my logic was to treat the window like a light bulb — when the window is “ON” there’s light, and when the window is “OFF” there’s no light. If that seems backwards to you, I can easily flip it around in the device type.

Totally understand your logic there! Hope I did not come off as too critical. I think it is just a difference of referring to the window or the shades. It is working well with “turn windows on” and “turn windows off” via Echo. From what I can tell, Echo does not yet have the ability to respond to “raise” and “lower” in the native ST integration.

What I do (as you can see above is) use virtual switches with routines such as “Lift blinds”, “close blinds” and “open blinds”. I rarely use the actual device to control them and do it mostly through my apple watch, widgets on my phone or Alexa :slight_smile:

I will have shades upstairs and downstairs, will I need two ZRTSI’s?

Also, I am finding ZRTSI not ZRTSII, what is the difference?



Very new to SmartThings, but have my ZRSTI controller setup and working with my hub. I’m not having any luck finding the answer to one specific question that I have, would appreciate some more insight. Basically, the switch function is “on/off”, there is the “My” button that exists on the remote (and works in the code as the “Stop” button). For my cellular shades, we have the “My” button programmed to open/close the blinds half-way up and use this at certain times of the day, for certain windows. I would like to be able to use this “My” button (stop in the code) as part of a routine. For example we have three motorized blinds that face East so in the morning we want them to open only half-way. Cannot seem to figure out how to create the custom routine that would allow me to use the “My” button (again, the “stop” button in the code).

Any advice on how to accomplish this? I’ve got everything else working, but struggling with how to get this piece working. Thanks!

I think this will depend on your home, and placement of the ZRSTI controller. For my house (which is 3854 sq. ft), I’m able to get one ZRSTI II to control 12 windows, 4 upstairs and 8 downstairs (all of my motorized windows). Granted we have a living room that is open to the 2nd story loft, and the layout of the house works well for this one device.

I’m fairly new to this whole space, so others may have more details to offer, but if you can centrally locate the ZRSTI you might have the same luck.

I believe the II is just the “newer” model and what I got when we purchased our blinds (about a month or so ago). Hope this helps!

If you’re using my beta device type, you could have your routine “dim” the shades around 50%. DOWN is below 25%, MY is 25% to 75%, and UP is above 75%.

Just keep in mind that your ON/OFF toggle may not behave as an UP/DOWN switch anymore. Depending on the level, it could be UP/DOWN, MY/DOWN, or DOWN/DOWN.My updated device type should fix this bug.

Thanks Ash, but I should have been more specific in my question. We have the cellular shades ( so there is no “dim” option here. It’s basically Up / Down or the “My” button on the standard remote - which for our blinds raises them up halfway. So in essence, I have three buttons and I want the routine to leverage the “My” button to just raise the shades half-way in the early morning and then again raise them all the way up in the later morning. I’ve been busy but doing a little research on the side, and the virtual button with a Smart App approach was recommended elsewhere so I’m going to check that out, but I’m still not sure how this all ties together yet. I guess I expected this to be a bit easier, but looks like there is some work required…Appreciate the reply!

I’ll post back once I get this all figured out on my end.


Please keep me posted. My Somfy cell shades (Bali) arrive on the 28th of this month. :slight_smile:

I have the same shades you do. The fact that your MY level is halfway/50% and I said to dim your shades to 50% is purely coincidence. The dim level set by the routine doesn’t correspond to the actual shade level — it just sends an UP, DOWN, or MY command.

Since SmartThings routines do not officially support the MY button, I implemented this functionality in my device type using the dim level control. (And if you followed @Mbhforum’s instructions, you’re already using my device type.) So what I’m saying is, if you tell your routine to set dimmers to 50%, it will press the MY button. It’s that easy!

After seeing that this does indeed work, you should probably update to my new device type, because I just fixed a major bug.

I think that makes sense, I will try it out tonight. Thanks for the explanation and updating the device type!

I loaded your latest Somfy device type. I am trying to get the shade to go to the My position. The controller is running the standard Z-wave controller app. I set up a routine with dim level at 50%. I tried the routine with open, then with close. In both cases the shade went fully open or closed, respectively. It appears to be ignoring the dim level.
What am I doing wrong?
Thanks so much.

Hi Ash,

I’m using your device type.
From the Things screen, MY command stops movement, and also goes to preset - like it should.
However, from a routine, if set to 50% like you said - it does stop movement, but from stopped it doesn’t go to preset - it moves for a second and stops again.
Do you know what I’m doing wrong?



I think the problem is that a routine can’t send just a DIM command. First it sends an ON command, which raises the shade, then it sends a DIM command. Since the shade is being raised, the DIM command is interpreted as “STOP” instead of “go to MY preset.” The workaround for this problem is to fully raise the shade with another routine before running the dim routine. If the shade is already raised, the ON command will be ignored by the shade, and the DIM command will be interpreted as “go to MY preset.”

If SmartThings allows routines to send DIM commands without ON commands, this workaround won’t be necessary.

Hope that helps!

(Btw, if anyone knows how I can change the logic of my device type to prevent this problem, let me know!)

Thanks Ash - the workaround works, but it’s not really a solution.

I’ve used routines so that I can control the shutters from my Minimote and have one less remote on my coffee table.

Is there a way to properly send MY command from Minimote?
Is there a better remote that can do that, such as Remotec Z-URC550 or ZRC-100?

As far as I know, there are not separate MY and STOP commands. The same RTS command is interpreted as MY or STOP by the shade itself. This is a Somfy limitation, so it doesn’t matter which remote you use. Even Somfy’s own remotes have this limitation.

That said, there is a way to change my device type so that your routine works. You can modify the code to send the STOP/MY command twice when the shades are dimmed:

On lines 112 and 102 change



delayBetween([ zwave.switchMultilevelV1.switchMultilevelStopLevelChange().format(), zwave.switchMultilevelV1.switchMultilevelStopLevelChange().format() ], 500)

When the routine is run, the shades will rise, then stop, and then go to the preset MY level. I know this still isn’t an ideal solution, but hopefully it addresses your issue for now.

Thank you.

What this does is:
From down: a little up, stop, then more up until preset.
From up: a little down, stop, a little up back to up.

So I guess this gives me access to go to preset in some way.

What I meant about the Remotec remotes, is maybe they can access the dim command directly and not though a routine?