Bali motorized blinds

I am using the Smartthings app to control my Bali motorized blinds. This works great but the shades either are all the way open or all the way closed. Does anyone know if there is a way to make the app stop the blinds half way down? Thanks.

You don’t say what motor/controller you are using?

Is this Somfy? Is this a zrtsII, or something else.

If the device type handler (DTH) you are using is up to date, it should have commands

For somfy they have a my setting, that if properly programmed, should set shades at a preset position.

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Yes they are Somfy. Sorry to be dumb but do you have any idea how to set it up or who I would call to ask.

Mary Dorendorf

@E_Sch device handler is the best. I believe the default shows up as a dimmer light, which setting to 50% should go the the “My” setting.

Need to install it in the IDE and change the blinds to use that instead. look for “USING A CUSTOM DEVICE TYPE HANDLER” in the below post to point you in the right direction.

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Are you using their z-wave motors? If so check the device handlers in the following thread. All though the brand is called Graber, it’s just a premium brand (slightly more refined, better customer service) of the same company:

Also if you want to keep it simple, switch it to a dimmer switch in the IDE.

I have found somfy support to be very helpful

I expect they will have you make sure things are setup correctly without the zrtsii then can help if you are using zwave

Do you have a zrtsII or some other zwave access?

Somfy. I will call them.