Somfy Bali Blinds

(Devendra Patel) #1

With recent updates (not sure exact version), the Somfy Z-wave motorized Bali Shades that were recognized as dimmable switch are no longer recognized as dimmable. They get added as Z-wave switches. This means I can only term them on or off, nothing in between.

I have had to replace reset 2 out of the 7 shades so now 5 work as dimmable and 2 don’t.

Any ideas?

(Jordon) #2

You can go into your ide and change it back to a dimmer switch.

(Devendra Patel) #3

I haven’t logged into my smartthings developer account in a long time :grinning:. By ide, do you mean the developer IDE or is there a way to do it through the smartthings app?


(Bill S.) #4

Edit the device in My Devices and change the device type to a Z-Wave dimmer (or even an enhanced dimmer device type).

(Eric) #5

@Devendra_Patel - This thread has a device handler for the shades and a smart app for managing multiple shades as a group.

(Devendra Patel) #6

Thank you.

(Devendra Patel) #7

Thanks that worked.