"Something's Wrong" error message

(Mike) #1

Anyone else getting this?

Dashboard and rooms working ok, just things

(Eric) #2

my Things are loading now.

I seem to recall one bad device poisoning the “things” list before. I made a POISONED-ROOM to segregate it, and moved it there from IDE.

nope that must have just stopped it from interfering with its original ROOM list.

(Mike) #3

Everything was working fine yesterday!

How did you work out what the bad device was?

(Eric) #4

situation normal - everything works until it don’t.

I went through every room/device, trial and error. Don’t you have a room that will not load?

(Mike) #5

All rooms work. So you had to remove each thing until it worked? :worried:

(Luke - Backend Engineer) #6

I would reach out to support before randomly deleting devices :slight_smile:

(Mike) #7

Yeah I’m in mood to be doing that. I’ll contact support